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What is High Frequency Hearing Loss


High frequency hearing loss, often referred to as "age related" hearing loss, is the most common form of hearing loss. It's symptoms include:* not understanding speech in the presence of background noise* hearing the words, but not always understanding what people are saying* understanding men's voices more easily than women and children's voices* ringing in the earsHearing aids can be a great help for those suffering from high frequency hearing loss. The most common type of hearing aid for this problem is the Open Fit hearing aid. Open fit hearing aids can hone in and amplify the high frequencies that...

Hearing Loss Resources - More groups that can


In-person and online support groupsAlexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearingwww.agbell.orgFor families dealing with childhood hearing loss and hard-of-hearing adults who choose to communicate through spoken language and speech reading. Extensive resource group for people with hearing loss.American Tinnitus Associationwww.ata.orgThe nonprofit ATA is an organization working to cure tinnitus, as well as a support group for sufferers.H.E.A.R.www.hearnet.comFor musicians and music-lovers with hearing loss or who want to avoid hearing loss.Hearing Loss Association of Americawww.hearingloss.orgHearing-loss support and advocacy group and links to hearing professionals.The Listen-Up Webwww.listen-up.orgFor families of deaf and hard-of-hearing children.National Association for the Deafwww.nad.orgAdvocacy...

How can I get my hearing aids paid for?


How can I get my Hearing Aids paid for? From the Hearing Loss Association.....Unless you're a military veteran who qualifies for virtually free hearing aids from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, you'll have to find a way to pay for them yourself.Traditional Medicare excludes the price of hearing aids from coverage, but, like many private insurers, will pay for the doctor's exam required for obtaining hearing aids. Medicare also will pay for an audiologist's hearing tests, if prescribed by a physician. Private Medicare Advantage plans have varied coverage; check with your plan administrator.Your private health insurance may pay nothing...

New Hearing Aid Repair Service $199 All Makes All Models


Hearing Aid Repair Service. Did your Big Money hearing aid just die? Did the warranty just expire? If your hearing aids are dead or are just not performing as well as they used to.. repairing your hearing aid may be the ONLY economical decision you have.Century Hearing Aids Now offers a service to repair all brands of hearing aids, including:AHS - Apherma - Audibel - Audina - AudioTone - ActiveEar - Bell - Beltone - Bernafon - Clarity - Danavox - Electone - FineTone - General Hearing Instruments - Hansaton - Interton - Micro-Tech - Magnatone - Miracle Ear -...

Hearing Aids Covered by Insurance and the Affordable Care Act


Hearing Aids Covered by Insuranve and the Affordable Care Act -- I cannot post enough about this....The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law in March 2010 by President Barack Obama. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the law’s goal is to make health insurance available and affordable to people and small groups, such as employees of small businesses and organizations, who are uninsured. While some provisions of the law have already taken effect, many more provisions will be implemented in the coming years.HLAA Chapters and state organizations as well as...

Hearing Aid Clinics in the US: Market Research Report


Industry Analysis & Industry Trends The Hearing Aid Clinics industry has contracted slightly during the past five years as declines in insurance coverage and consumer income combined with rising hearing aid prices. During the next five years, however, the industry is expected to improve, largely due to the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. In addition, the number of individuals suffering from hearing deficiencies is expected to remain high as a result of the diabetes epidemic, the rising use of mobile music devices and an aging US population. Industry Report - Industry Analysis Chapter The Hearing Aid...

Living, 3D-printed cyborg ear


Researchers from Princeton and Johns Hopkins have come together to grow an ear. The hearing, however, is done with electronics, making this the ultimate in human-machine chimera. Read more here.

From Ronald Reagan's Hearing Aid to Cyborg Ears for Baby Boomers


By Caroline WinterThis September marked a peculiar anniversary: It’s now been 30 years since Ronald Reagan got fitted for a hearing aid in the Oval Office. Not unlike Katie Couric’s live colonoscopy 17 years later, Reagan’s fitting was a watershed moment for hearing loss—and for the aural device market. ”The industry in the U.S. doubled over the following year,” says Jerry Ruzicka, president of Starkey Hearing Technologies, the company that manufactured Reagan’s device. “I’ve been in the business for 36 years, and nothing has had that impact.”Hearing aid makers are on the verge of another heyday. It’s estimated that 40...

A substance called d-methionine can prevent noise-induced hearing loss.


A substance called d-methionine can prevent noise-induced hearing loss. This is a preventative measure, not restorative, but pharmacologists have essentially identified a substance that that's an urban construction worker's dream come true – pills to protect your ears from the acoustic torment of a jackhammer.The medicine so far has shown promising results in protecting against hearing loss for cancer patients receiving a common chemotherapy drug known as cisplatin. The drug often causes hearing loss as a side effect.D-met has been shown to be effective in reducing or preventing painful irritation in the lining of the mouth among patients receiving radiation...

Hearing aid devices patient labeling.


TITLE 21--FOOD AND DRUGS CHAPTER I--FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATIONDEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES SUBCHAPTER H--MEDICAL DEVICES PART 801 -- LABELINGSubpart H--Special Requirements for Specific Devices Sec. 801.420 Hearing aid devices; professional and patient labeling. (a)Definitions for the purposes of this section and 801.421. (1)Hearing aid means any wearable instrument or device designed for, offered for the purpose of, or represented as aiding persons with or compensating for, impaired hearing.(2)Ear specialist means any licensed physician who specializes in diseases of the ear and is medically trained to identify the symptoms of deafness in the context of the total health of...

Century Hearing Aids Now Offering


Century Hearing AidsOffering the Newest Hearing Aids RIC or Receiver in the Canal Digital Hearing Aids and a “Do-It-Your-Self” Programming System Tucson, Arizona, Sept 25, 2013: You can program the newest hearing aid technology from home! Century Hearing Aids, a leading online supplier of digital hearing aids, offers Receiver in the Canals, the newest hearing aid technology. And, for first time ever, Century Hearing Aids now offers the ability to program hearing aids at home with a Personal Programming System using the sametechnology hearing aid industry professionals use for programming. Historically, hearing aid programming hardware and software has been available...

Open Fit Hearing Aids with Directional Microphones


This is an article on the effectiveness of directional microphones and noise reduction. Most older hearing aids have only an omnidirectional microphone. An omnidirectional microphone amplifies sounds equally from all directions. In contrast, a directional microphone amplifies sounds from in front more than sounds from other directions. This means that sounds originating from the direction the listener is facing are amplified more than sounds from behind or in other directions. If the speech is in front of the listener and the noise is from a different direction, then compared to an omnidirectional microphone, a directional microphone provides a better signal...

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