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Backed by 1 year warranty and 90 day money-back guarantee

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    • Our default hearing aid programming is for normal age related, moderate hearing loss
    • Presbycusis, mild to moderate age related hearing loss, affects older adults and follows a common pattern of frequency loss.

Century Hearing is an American owned and operated business that provides high quality hearing aids directly to satisfied customers since 2010. We offer only 4 models, FDA registered, audiologist designed and made by leading manufacturers of prescription hearing aid technology.

An Online Hearing Test Can Help Diagnose Hearing Loss

If you want to get a baseline assessment of your hearing function, try our online hearing test. Take charge of your hearing health today.

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• Designed by hearing specialists and audiologists for accuracy

Patients with suspected severe hearing loss are referred to an audiologist for a checkup and audiogram. An audiologist, AuD, is a hearing care professional who specializes in audiology, the medical field dedicated to diagnosing and treating hearing loss.

Hearing Problems and Hearing Loss

According to data from the American Medical Association, bilateral hearing loss (meaning hearing loss in both ears) affects 1 in 18 Americans. As many as one in five experience either bilateral or unilateral types of hearing loss. That means it affects 50 million Americans, who experience a range from mild to severe hearing loss, making it one of the most common healthcare issues.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), adults over 60 are at the greatest risk. A full 50% of adults over 75 years of age battle hearing loss. However, age isn't the only factor when assessing hearing loss:

  • Non-Hispanic white adults have a higher prevalence of hearing loss.
  • Men experience approximately twice the rates of hearing loss.
  • Certain jobs make workers more vulnerable to profound hearing loss. Tinnitus (ear-ringing) is a major sign of potential hearing damage.
  • Certain medications like quinine, aspirin/ibuprofen, and loop diuretics for managing blood pressure increase the likelihood of developing hearing loss.
  • Chronic illnesses including diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure increase hearing loss risk.

How Hearing Aids Treat Hearing Loss

Hearing aids boost sound to enable better hearing in patients with hearing loss. The three basic components of hearing aids are: 1. Microphone (detects sound and converts it into digital signaling) 2. Amplifier (boosts the digital signal strength) 3. Speaker (conveys amplified sound into the ear for cognitive processing.)

A benefit of digital hearing aids is that they are customizable. Hearing care professionals or the patient with some devices can adjust the settings to accommodate a distinct pattern and degree of hearing loss.

A term often used incorrectly is personal sound amplification products (PSAPs). PSAPs and hearing aids are not the same. The FDA regulates the hearing aid industry, vetting and approving the safety and functionality of products before they reach patients. The FDA encourages patients to learn the difference.

Discreet hearing devices such as our FDA cleared Rosebud hearing aids have the potential to dramatically improve quality of life.

How Do Century Hearing Aids Compare to Other Hearing Aid Manufacturers?

Americans have a wide range of hearing aid options regarding their hearing care including numerous hearing aid brands and hearing aid manufacturers. The best hearing aid for you is often a choice between quality hearing aids and affordable hearing aids. Fortunately, this is not the case with a new hearing aid from Century Hearing.

Hearing aid companies that provide over-the-counter hearing aids (OTC hearing aids) tend to be more affordable than prescription ones because you don't need to visit a healthcare provider and Medicare doesn't cover hearing aid costs.

The Rosebud RB300 RIC from Century Hearing costs $899. In contrast, the comparable Phonak Bolero M (part of the Phonak Bolero series) costs $2,271 when you purchase directly from Phonak.

ReSound, Eargo Hearing Aids, Lively Hearing Aids, Widex and Starkey are other hearing aid brands that are considerably more expensive compared to Century Hearing aids. When you choose Century Hearing, finding high-quality yet cheap hearing aids is possible.

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