Hearing Aid Repair Service. Did your Big Money hearing aid just die? Did the warranty just expire? If your hearing aids are dead or are just not performing as well as they used to.. repairing your hearing aid may be the ONLY economical decision you have.
Century Hearing Aids Now offers a service to repair all brands of hearing aids, including:

AHS - Apherma - Audibel - Audina - AudioTone - ActiveEar - Bell - Beltone - Bernafon - Clarity - Danavox - Electone - FineTone - General Hearing Instruments - Hansaton - Interton - Micro-Tech - Magnatone - Miracle Ear - Micro-Tech - MyHearPod - National - NuEar Omni - Oticon - Persona Medical - Puretone - Phonak - Prairie Labs - Qualitone - ReSound - Rexton - SeboTec - Siemens - Sonus - Starkey - Sonic Innovations - Telex - Unitron - Vivatone - Widex - Zounds

Our hearing aid repair technicians go through each hearing aid in detail and will be repaired to the highest Industry standards regardless of age, make or model. Our Repair Service Includes:

  • Replacement of all defective parts

  • Thorough cleaning of Ear Wax other Debris

  • Verification of all internal circuitry wiring

  • Complete Hearing Aid testing/Evaluation Using Hearing Aid Analyzer

Premium Hearing Aid Repair Service - $199 per aid + S&H
Includes one (1) year warranty, hearing aid batteries and hearing aid cleaning tool.
Rush Hearing Aid Repair Service - Add $ 39 per aid
If this option is selected, your hearing aid gets 1st priority and immediate attention when received.

Step 1 Visit http://centuryhearingaids.com/repair for more information

Step 2 Download the PDF and fill out the form

Step 3 Pack your hearing aid and include, add your credit card information or check - put all this in a box and mail it to address on bottom of pdf.

Step 4. Wait a couple days for your working hearing aid to arrive!

Hope that helps save you money....