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Theory why hearing aids cost more than laptops


From Peter Staats - I work in the medical device industry. The $250 is the direct cost of the hearing aid. Surgical instruments that cost $200 to manufacture are sold for as much as $2000. The companies have to charge that much to cover the FDA mandated quality systems documentation, certified product testing, PMA (pre-market approval) clinical study costs, regulatory department, etc. I am not saying that all of these costs are not justified, just that they don't apply to a laptop. In addition to the manufacturer's mark-up there are a lot of downstream cost adders that go into the...

Study to Test Whether Hearing Aids Can Help Prevent Falls


UT Dallas researchers are recruiting patients for a new study aimed at determining a connection between hearing deficits and the likelihood of falls.The research project, a collaboration with the UNT Health Science Center in Fort Worth, is evaluating how much hearing aids and other technologies might improve balance and prevent falls for people with auditory problems. Participants will stand or walk on a treadmill in different virtual environments, such as a simulated forest, to test balance issues. Harnesses will provide patient safety.One-third of older adults fall each year, according to recent national studies. The resulting injuries can be life-threatening.A person’s...

How Google Glass Lets a Half-Deaf Person Hear


The technologists, early adopters, and so-called “explorers” who got their hands on the first pairs of Google Glass have been describing the moment they slide on the odd-looking headset for the first time with a kind of evangelical fervor.Few have conveyed the power of the device, though, with the kind of personal insight offered by David Trahan, a senior strategist for global digital marketing and technology agency MRY.Trahan--whose job involves using customer insights to create digital experiences for clients--is deaf in his right ear. Little did he know when he was invited to be a Google Glass Explorer that the...

Apple and Hearing Aids - What is iHear?


Apple has been working with several hearing aid manufacturing companies to ensure that the iPhones work well with hearing aids. In fact, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has a patent (Patent application no. 20130034234 filed in February) which allows iPhones to identify that the user has a hearing aid and adjusts itself accordingly. Seen as a boon to hearing impaired people, the ‘device’ would select between normal audio mode of operation and hearing aid compatible mode without the user’s manual intervention.As part of the exercise, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) approached the world’s major manufacturers of hearing aids including Denmark’s GN Store Nord, the...

Ground-Shaking Noise Rocks N.F.L., and Eardrums Take Big Hit


Steve Hebert for The New York TimesNational Football League teams are racing this season to secure the title of loudest outdoor stadium in the world.The Seattle Seahawks, who boast that their fans caused a small earthquake after a 2011 touchdown, acclaimed their crowd’s record 136.6-decibel noise level this September after an effort orchestrated by the fan group Volume 12.Four weeks later, the Kansas City Chiefs — who are still unbeaten — topped the record, in part because of a scream-a-thon organized by the fan group Terrorhead Returns.“Be LOUD AND PROUD and blow my eardrums out!” one Chiefs fan wrote on...

Some D.C. Exchange Plans Cover Elective Abortion but Not Hearing Aids


Multiple individual plans available on the D.C. health insurance exchange specifically cover elective abortion but not hearing aids, routine foot-care, and routine eye-care. One such plan, Healthy Blue PPO $1500 (you can check it out on the DC Healthlink website here), has a summary on the D.C. exchange’s website titled “Excluded Services & Other Covered Services.” It says enrollees can receive coverage for abortions performed for a non-medical reasons, but not for a number of other services that could seem medically necessary. The plan also excludes coverage for some other procedures, including cosmetic surgery, bariatric surgery, and infertility treatmentA number...

Vision Test Also Tests Whether You're Losing Your Hearing


Here is a eye test that essentially tricks consumers into checking their hearing capabilities.Viewers who happily made it through the video probably didn't catch the shrill sound playing throughout the test, meaning it's time to take a trip to the hearing doctor.

Charges: Worker stole $1M in hearing aids after getting layoff notice


Two Bloomington men are accused of stealing $1 million worth of hearing aids.Authorities charged Thyvuth Lin, 56, and relative Laden Hot, 20, with a single count of theft over $5,000.Hennepin County prosecutors said Lin worked for Siemens Hearing Instruments' Rexton division in Plymouth for 25 years until last year, when he learned he would be laid off then started stealing products from the factory.The charges say Lin enlisted Hot to sell the hearing aids on eBay. Their alleged scheme was discovered when buyers called Costco (which sells the devices) about defective hearing aids, which employees learned had previously been sent...

My Hearing Aids Got Wet


My Hearing Aids Got Wet, what's the best way to bring it back to life?A: Even if a wet hearing aid seems dead, there's a good chance it can be resuscitated. Just make sure you act fast--the longer the water sits inside, the greater the likelihood it will destroy the hearing aid for good-this is when corrosion sets in.This is a Do-It-Yourself moment. While consumers are conditioned to send back broken merchandise, your hearing aid's warranty does not cover water damage. And you may not have much luck pulling a fast one on your hearing aid company--most of today's hearing...

Donate your Hearing Aids - Tax Deduction Tip


Donate your Hearing Aids - Tax Deduction TipHealthy hearing should be enjoyed by all citizens. And for those who require hearing devices, economics shouldn’t be a barrier to hearing health. The Hearing Aid Donation Center, a project of Hearing Charities of America, begins the process of recycling hearing aids for those in need.Through the generosity of organizations and institutions throughout the nation, your donated hearing aids will help others enjoy the sounds many of us take for granted.Hearing Aid DonationsAll used hearing aids are accepted—any age, any brand and any model. No matter how old or what brand your hearing...

The 3rd Most Prevalent Health Condition Facing Aging Adults


What is the 3rd Most Prevalent Health Condition Facing Aging Adults?1. High Blood Pressure2. Arthritis3. Hearing Loss

Dogs and Hearing Aids


Even though a pet like a dog or a cat might be your best friend it isn‛t always your hearing aids‛ best friend. Dogs and cats are often very curious about hearing aids - especially if they are left turned on and whistling, on a table or a counter-or you set them on your dinner plate. If you're using a telephone and you lay the hearing aid down on a low table, the dog is likely to hear the sound of the aid and put it in its mouth to see if it tastes as good as it smells. They...

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