High frequency hearing loss, often referred to as "age related" hearing loss, is the most common form of hearing loss. It's symptoms include:
* not understanding speech in the presence of background noise
* hearing the words, but not always understanding what people are saying
* understanding men's voices more easily than women and children's voices
* ringing in the ears
Hearing aids can be a great help for those suffering from high frequency hearing loss. The most common type of hearing aid for this problem is the Open Fit hearing aid. Open fit hearing aids can hone in and amplify the high frequencies that you are missing while filtering out the low sounds that you don't have trouble with. The open ear style of these aids allow air and ambient sound to pass freely through your ear canal, so you are hearing the sounds that you don't have trouble with naturally, while getting a boost for the sounds that you cannot hear naturally.
The loose fit and ventilation of the open fit ear piece makes it a very comfortable solution. You won't get a plugged up feeling or suffer from occlusion like you would from a hearing aid that seals your ear canal (occlusion is an effect that makes your own voice sound like you are talking in a barrel). Here is audiogram example of high frequency hearing loss. 
Many people that go to a hearing aid clinic are told that they have "typical" high frequency hearing loss, but need "custom" $3,000 hearing aids. This doesn't sit well with most. This is why Rosebud Hearing came up with an affordable Open Fit Hearing Aid that is specifically designed for those suffering from typical hearing loss. The Rosebud Open Fit hones in on the human voice range and above and amplifies those sounds, while allowing your ear to naturally hear the sounds that you are not missing. Here is an example of an Open Fit hearing aid below.