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Hearing Sensitivity; Some of The Many Causes and Remedies


Hearing sensitivity or hyperacusis can be extremely disturbing. Currently, there is no cure for hyperacusis and therefore, the condition has to be managed. What is Hearing Sensitivity or Hyperacusis? Hearing sensitivity or hyperacusis is a hearing disorder that affects one’s ability to deal with certain kinds of sounds. These sounds become unnecessarily hyped in the ear leading to discomfort even when others are unable to hear the sound. Sounds such as that of a car engine, the running tap, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other basic kitchen appliances. Loud discussions become relatively even louder in your ear.Hyperacusis is not a common condition...

Wax guards; different types comparison and how to use them.


Protecting your hearing aid from wax and moisture is very important. It is the only way to guarantee that you enjoy them for a long time. This I why wax guards are important accessories to invest in.    What are wax guards? Wax guards are specially designed tiny plastics that are intended to keep hearing aids receivers safe from getting damaged by wax. There are also advanced wax guards that can protect your hearing aids from moisture and debris.Wax and moisture are the two major reasons why your hearing aids get damaged fast. Accumulation of wax and moisture in your...

Presbycusis—How the cumulative effect progresses


There are a lot of factors that can lead to these multiple conditions which occur over many years. This results in the gradual loss of hearing both progressively and symmetrically. Doctor’s and hearing professionals use the term presbycusis when referring to age-related hearing loss. It is the cumulated result caused by aging to hearing. This condition can even grow worse due to other factors which include exposure to loud noise, harmful medication and other forms of disease conditions.In the early stage of presbycusis, high-frequency hearing loss is experienced. Gradually, even the ability to hear low-frequency noise is lost. As the...

Is there a link between obesity and Hearing Loss?


The risk of a hearing loss problem is more likely among the aging population. However, obesity and poor diet, have been pointed out as factors that can increase the chances of a hearing loss as age advances.  It is important to note that, obesity is not a causative factor of hearing loss. However, it does increase your chances of developing a hearing loss. This is because it is linked to other health conditions that are directly linked to a hearing loss such as diabetes and high blood pressure.You might be aware that excess weight is not good for you, but...

How to get water out of Ear


One of the major times water gets trapped in the ear is after swimming. However, water can also get trapped in the ear at any time of the year. This water naturally drains on its own. However, when this natural process fails to occur, you might develop an ear infection known as Otitis Externa. If you are a regular swimmer, chances are that you have gotten water into your ears once or twice. While swimmers are the most affected, non-swimmers can also get water trapped inside their ears through exposure.We all love to enjoy a good swim with friends and family...

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo


Benign Paroxysmal Positional VertigoDefinition, causes and effect to the victimWhat is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)?The major characteristics f this condition is brief recurrent episodes of vertigo. This vertigo is triggered off by the way the patient places hisorchis or her head  during sleep.Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo is the major cause of recurrent vertigo. BPPV is characterized by the feeling of recurrent episodes of vertigos—a false feeling of spinning in the head. The main cause of this condition is the abnormal arousal of the cupula by free-floating otoliths (canalolithiasis). This condition can also occur when otoliths adhere (hang up) to...

Swimmer’s ear or Otitis Externa


 What is Swimmers Ear?Swimmer’s ear or otitis externa is defined as the infection of the outer ear canal. Otitis externa is mostly developed in ears that are exposed to moisture. It is most prevalent in people who enjoy a lot of diving or swimming time. There are more cases of otitis externa in the summer. This is due to the fact that people engage in more swimming activities in this period.This infection can also affect the ear pinna or the tympanic membrane. Swimmer’s ear can either be a fungus or bacterial infection. According to Clinical Practice Guidelines, nearly all the...

Does Hearing Loss Really Increase the Risk of Accidental Injuries?


 Untreated hearing loss is capable of causing lots of social and emotional problems and it could also be hazardous for your all-round health. You might feel that your hearing loss is only about missing some parts of conversations. But, actually, it also makes accidental injuries a lot more likely. Studies have shown that some adults who are experiencing hearing loss might wait for as much as 10years before they get treatment. That is why it is turning progressively common, with 15% of all US citizens who are more than 18years old having some challenges hearing. Unluckily, many individuals just accept...

Hearing Aids Not Working


Hearing Aids Not Working - Troubleshoot Common Hearing Aid ProblemsWithin even their miniature structures, hearing aids comprise several advanced technological components that are susceptible to damage from the presence of ear wax, dirt, as well as moisture – all of which appear to always come near the ears of users of the devices. To make sure that the problems and repairs of these amazing devices remain an utmost minimum, it becomes quite crucial to make sure that you always clean them consistently, removing any buildup or debris and ensuring that they remain as dry as possible. Even at that, there...

Ear Pressure Causes and Remedies


All You Need To Know About Ear Pressure Causes and Remedies We all at one time in our lives felt pressure in the ears. The sensation can be quite uncomfortable and it can seem as if one or both of your ears are clogged or plugged up. There are several and varying possible causes of pressure in the ears, including altitude changes, the buildup of earwax, and even a sinus infection. This article discusses what causes pressure in the ears, how you can relieve the pressure, and when it might be time that you see your doctor.See here for information about...

Meniere’s disease


 IntroductionMeniere’s disease is a hearing disorder that affects the inner ear leading to dizzy spells referred to as vertigo. Meniere’s disease affects only one ear in most cases and could lead to hearing loss. The inner year is basically the center of balance and hearing, during an attack by the disease, a person experiences the vertigo effect, which causes a sensation that they or the world surrounding them is moving. It causes dizziness and a feeling of sickness to the victim because the hearing is dominated by hissing and roaring sounds that cause the ear or both ears, though not...

How Long Does a Hearing Aid Last?


A HEARING AID AND ITS LIFESPANIntroductionA hearing aid is a small and portable electronic device that is put in the ear and designed to improve hearing and speech comprehension by making sounds to be audible to a person with hearing problems or loss in hearing. It makes the voices and sounds louder in both quiet and noisy situations and therefore enables people with hearing loss to listen, communicate with others, and participate in regular conversations and other daily activities. Hearing aids are basically useful to people who have a hearing loss that has resulted from damage to the small sensory...

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