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What Are the Problems with Hearing Aids?


What Are the Problems with Hearing Aids? Adjusting to living life with hearing aids sometimes takes a little bit of time, thus it pays for you to be prepared for what lies ahead of you. This article offers a list of the most common issues that are faced by hearing aid customers, and how they can be fixed. The most excellent news is that as the problems are so common, the designs of these amazing devices keep evolving to accommodate virtually all of them. So, let us take a look at the problems together with solutions to each.  Battery Life The...

Huey Lewis and Hearing Loss Suicidal Thoughts


Hearing Loss and Huey Lewis Born July 5th, 1950, Hugh Anthony Cregg III adopted the professional name ‘Huey Lewis’. He plays the harmonica and is the lead singer for his band. Awarded the Grammy, this singer, songwriter as well as actor is known and loved by all. Almost one year ago, Huey began to suffer from hearing loss. This sudden attack has left him dazed. This article takes a close look at his battle with the illness and how he overcame it, as well as all that you need to know about hearing loss. So, read on… Who Is Huey Lewis?Hugh Anthony...

Are Hearing Aids Waterproof?


 The question, are hearing aids waterproof is one of the common questions asked today. This is as a result of the wrong use of terminologies. The term waterproof and water resistance have been wrongly used interchangeably by many. Both terms are actually different in the real sense. It is important to understand the two terms properly to avoid incurring unnecessary expenditures to understand the difference.Now, what is the difference between water resistance and waterproof? Let us approach this from the simple layman’s perspective. When we talk of waterproof, we simply mean that immersing the hearing aid in water will not...

How do Hearing Aids Work


Topic: How do Hearing Aids WorkMost people consider the eye as the most important sense organ in the body. Well, the ear is also important because it allows us to hear information and receive alerts when confronted with danger even when we cannot see. For instance, if you are blind, you may not see a car coming from your back or front, but you can hear the horn or sound of the car. When we interact with one another, we speak and listen to make communication effective. We also listen to music to experience deep emotions.However, how isolating and frightening...



HOW HEARING AIDS CHANGE LIVES HOW ADVANCED HEARING AID TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS ON OUTCOMES IN DAILY LIFEAbstract Hearing loss is the most common condition of chronic health for older people. Hearing aids have been used for years as a treatment and improvement of quality of life in older and younger people both. Even so, people of different ages have seen using hearing aids such as few older adults with not so complicated, mild to moderate, conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss use hearing aids. There is a belief that hearing aid does not provide sufficient value to justify their expenses. Although...

Are hearing aid covered by Medicare?


 When it comes to Medicare and the extent of their coverage can be sometimes unclear. The above question of hearing aid coverage by Medicare is always met by a no answer. However, looking at the question analytically is often confusing.The federal health insurance program Medicare offers coverage for people who are 65 and above. Medicare also provides health coverage for younger people with serious diseases and disabilities. While this is so, Medicare still does not offer coverage for the total cost of medical services. This is the point where the rules as regards Medicare coverage become a bit complex. There...

Reasons Hearing Aids get Destroyed


Hearing aids are electronic devices that are made up of lots of tiny components. These makes them very delicate and requires a lot of care.  There are a lot of factors that can lead to your hearing aids been damaged. While some hearing aids model may seem to last longer others don’t. There are some hearing aids that are more prone to damage than the others.  Hearing aids that are designed to fit into the ear canal (ITC) are more likely to get destroyed than BTE hearing aids.Every kind of hearing aid, there are measures that are general measures that...

Innovation in hearing aids


 The Hearing Aid Technology so far – Latest in TrendFrom the era of its invention as a BTE device in the 1960s, the hearing aid has come a long way. From the early days of the hearing aid, they were generally big and easy to spot out in the crowd.  They were generally designed to fit uncomfortably behind the ear and amplify every single sound around. This sometimes made it very difficult to get used to the device on time. Years down the line, there have been consistent improvement and modifications made to the hearing aid. Today, we have hearing...

Hydrogen Peroxide – How safe it is to the ears?


 Is hydrogen peroxide safe for use in the ear? It is important to understand what hydrogen peroxide is and the safe ways to use it in the ear for various reasons. It is important to note that there are some side effects as well to the use of hydrogen peroxide.Hydrogen peroxide – definitionSymbol (H2O2)Hydrogen peroxide is made up of a chemical compound that is classified as a weak acid. In 1818, Louis Jacques Thenard first discovered hydrogen peroxide. In some cases, the hydrogen peroxide is colorless. This colorless substance is less viscous than water. It is also odorless.Hydrogen peroxide has...

The Rinne Test – Is it Worth it?


What is Rinne Test?The Rinne test is a hearing test that is carried out to determine the hearing loss on one ear commonly known as a unilateral hearing loss. The Rinne test compares how sounds transmitted by air conduction and those transmitted by bone conduction are perceived through the mastoid. This test is also useful for a quick detection of a conductive hearing loss.It is important to note that most hearing aid professional will also conduct a Weber test along with a Rinne test. This is to enable them to ascertain if the patient is also experiencing a sensorineural hearing...

Hearing Aid Payment Plans


Once the cause of a hearing loss have been established, the next phase is the treatment phase. There are often times when treatment is required to correct the hearing loss. There are other times when you need a hearing aid to help improve hearing. It is no longer new to us that hearing aids can be very expensive notwithstanding the introduction of the OTC hearing aids. Most people shy away from hearing aids as a result of the high cost of purchase. Financial implications have become one of the major barriers that has prevented most people who need a hearing...

Oticon – A full Analysis of their Company


A Brief BackgroundOticon a Danish company has existed over a hundred years. From the onset of the company, its core aim was to assist those experiencing a hearing loss. By the early 1970s, Oticon had become the world’s leading manufacturer of the “Behind the ear” (BTE) hearing aid.Between the late 1970s to the early 1980’s, there was a high demand for “In-the-ear” (ITE) hearing aids. All expectations were high that Oticon’s profit margin will grow with the demand. However, the reverse is the case as the company lost money and market share as its profit margin continues to decline.One would...

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