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Things to consider before going for a hearing aid brand or model.


There are a few important things to know about hearing aid before considering which hearing aids to settle for.The two ears are required for you to hear with ease. It is possible to hear with one ear, however, it will be difficult. This is similar to what happens to the eyes when one eye is bad. It is very common to find people with hearing loss on one ear. There are a few cases where people experience hearing loss on one ear. When hearing aids are used on the two ears, it is known as binaural amplification. Hearing aids are...

Hearing loss and the older adult


The importance of the hearing aidsThere are a lot of factors that can lead to hearing loss. These factors can either be hereditary or caused by factors such as exposure to noise. The modern city life exposes us to a lot of loud noises. These can have an adverse effect on our hearing over time. Other factors such as aging and disease can lead to hearing loss. Other people have reported a hearing loss after some form of medication. According to information published on the NCBI website, radiation therapy can also lead to a sensorineural hearing loss.Hearing loss can be...

Costco Hearing Aids


Over the years, the warehouse house Costco is dedicated to offering customers the opportunity to get all their supplies in one place. Costco supplies have grown over the years to cover the area of hearing aids. With the OTC hearing aid bill Passed into law, Costco has become one of the largest suppliers of the hearing aid.There are 5 major brands that make up the brands of Costco hearing aids. These brands include the Phonak, Kirkland Signature, Rexton, Bernafon and the ReSound. These brands are designed with different levels of hearing damage in mind. Your choice of a brand should...

Find a local Audiologist


Who is an audiologist, what is his duty?An audiologist is a professional trained to diagnose, detect and treat all forms of the hearing disorder.Hearing loss and disorder can be detected in people of different ages and classes against the popular opinion that it’s a problem of the advanced adult. In recent times, both children and younger adults have been diagnosed and treated with various kinds of hearing problems.The Audiologist often referred to as the hearing aid professional is saddled with the responsibility of providing specialized and personalized services to people with hearing problems. When a hearing problem is not taken...

Thumping in the ear


Dealing with common hearing aids problemsKeywords: thumping in the ear, sounds are lowThumping in the ear is one of the common complaints of hearing aid users. It is certainly not something new. When it comes to objects in the ear, certainly not everyone finds It easy to fit in. The nature of the ear can make fitting hearing aids very uncomfortable. Depending on the user, for the first few weeks, some level of discomfort can be experienced. The time duration varies from one individual to the other. If after a while the discomfort is still felt then professional advice is...

Hearing Aid Misconceptions


Are there misconceptions when using Hearing Aids?If you haven’t decided on using hearing aids, you are not the only person in the growth putting on white. According to research, about 50 million Americans suffer from hearing loss. However, hearing loss doesn’t only affect elderly people but also children. Furthermore, the American Academy of Audiology rates hearing loss as the third common health condition after heart disease and arthritis in the United State. Regrettably, the Hearing Health Found puts the number of people living in the United State with hearing loss exceeding those living with diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, and Parkinson disease...

Hearing Aid Maintenance Repair


Maintenance guide for your hearing aid deviceLike every other device, the hearing aid require maintenance and care to last long. For new users and even those conversant with the hearing aid, guides are required to maintain optimal performance from your hearing aid. There are quite a number of issues you need to understand. These will help you get the best performance from your device.There are about 8 key issues you need to understand the hearing aid. We will address these issues to help you understand your device better.Main issues with the hearing aidBattery issues: the main issues with batteries include...

Maintaining your hearing aid for a long-lasting experience


It is very important to consider how long a hearing aid will last before purchasing. While quality hearing aids are expected to last up to eight years, a lot of factors can reduce this expectation. Two people can use the same brand of hearing aids for the different time span. So calculating a specific lifespan for the hearing aid might not be possible. Nonetheless, there are a few things to look out for to determine whether to stop using a particular hearing aid or not.The common idea is that you need to change your hearing aids after a 5-year life...

Used Hearing Aids: Are they worth it?


With alot of hearing aids brands in the market. Selecting the right one for you can most times be a difficult task. Find out some of the things to consider with selecting a hearing aid.However, persons who are first time users, the experience isn't an easy one. First, they will like to find out if the hearing aid will help their condition. They are altogether concerned with how comfortable the hearing aid fits their ear. A few things you should know, to help reduce the anxiety. These include:The kinds of hearing aid available in the marketWhat to watch out for...

Hearing Aid Accessories


A hearing aid is a personal amplification device that's designed to work well to help people with the hearing problem have a normal hearing. The ears are one of the five most important sensory organs of the body. Your ears help you to perceive the world better and to also maintain balance. What affects the ears affects the entire body generally and as such can cause depression.Over the years, professionals in the field of hearing aids are working tirelessly on better versions of the device. A lot of improvements have been made in recent times by the use of accessories...

Hearing Aids: Tips and Techniques


IntroductionHearing loss has a great impact on your life. It can affect your relationships with people, your emotional status and your work. Hearing loss at times reduces the self-esteem of people affected; this is common when nothing is done about it. However, with the advancement of hearing aids, the life of people suffering from hearing loss have been improved. Hearing aids make a difference to you especially when you adjust to the right hearing aids. Hearing aids tips are the adjustment done on hearing aids, the care given to make it last longer, and the shopping information when purchasing it....

Hearing reviews 2019/Guides/Reviews/Cost


As the technology is advancing, the hearing specialists say that the hearing aids are going to continue to get a bit smaller and smarter more than ever. Whether they get to sit inside or even outside your ear, the modern devices are invisible. Also, as a result of their tiny size, newest hearing aids are very much advanced providing users with very many benefits such as the wireless connectivity via the Bluetooth technology. As hearing comes in various forms, in the market there are many forms of hearing aids. Here we will discuss some of the best hearing aid brands...

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