Rosebud RB200 CIC

Rosebud RB200 CIC

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Pair ($699)
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Right ($399)
Technical Specifications

The Rosebud RB200 CIC hearing aid is completely concealed in the ear canal. This lightweight hearing aid is completely hidden and virtually unnoticeable.

It is extremely easy to use as it requires no programming or fitting. This tiny aid is ideal for someone that is beginning to believe that amplification would be helpful in difficult to hear situations. The RB200 is equipped with an extremely effective background noise canceler. It is easy to handle with a small, transparent wire but best for people with sufficient dexterity to manipulate small items.

Once you start wearing this discrete device, you will forget that its there and simply enjoy more vibrant world of sound around you.

Technical Specifications

Technical Features

Completely in Canal (CIC)
Digital sound technology
Digital stock CIC w/ Screw Set Volume Control
4 Memories, with memory indicators
Mem1: Standard response
Mem2: Mild Noise response
Mem3: Moderate Noise response
Mem4: Enhanced Noise response
Noise Reduction
Feedback Cancellation
2 Channels / 12 Bands Processing
Dynamic Speech Enhancement
Low Battery Warning
Wax Barrier / Wind Screen
FDA registered
90 day trial period / guarantee
1 year warranty from manufacturer

Technical Details

ANSI S3.22-2003; 2 Cm3 HA1 Coupler* Features
OSPL90 Maximum: 97 dBSPL
Peak Gain: 27 dB
HFA Full-On-Gain: 22 dB
R.T.G: 15 dB
Frequency Range, f1-f2: 200-6500 Hz
THD at 500 Hz: <3%
THD at 800 Hz: <3%
THD at 1600 Hz: <3%
Eq. Input Noise Level: <32 dBSPL
Attack Time: 10 mS @ 2kHz
Release Time: 85 mS @ 2kHz
Battery Current Drain: 0.80 mA
Battery Life [10A]: 185 hrs

Perfect Discretion and Comfort

Barely Noticeable

Hear anywhere and everywhere with this comfortable, easy fit ear bud. Far less visible than larger behind the ear styles this is one of the smallest hearing aids available. It is ideal for anyone looking for a balance of performance and cosmetic appeal.

• 90 day trial
• 1 year warranty
• Made in the USA

Key Features and Benefits

• Powerful digital processing
• Fully programable or set to default for mild/moderate loss
• Advanced noise reduction
• Omni directional microphone
• Adaptive feedback cancellation
• Speech enhancement algorithm

Multi-Function Control

Change between the 4 sound programs by holding down the button for 2 seconds or modify the volume by quickly pressing the same button.

• 2 Channels / 12 Bands Processing
• FDA registered
• Medically certified

What's Included With My RB200?

1)  RB200 CIC Hearing Aid (2 if Pair is selected)
2)  Silicone Ear Tips (Small / Medium / Large)
3)  Carrying Case
4)  Cleaning Tool
5)  10A size Rayovac Batteries

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