Rosebud RB100

Rosebud RB100

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Pair ($699)
Left ($399)
Right ($399)
Technical Specifications

The Rosebud RB100 is a traditional design with easy-to-use manual controls and a powerful directional microphone.

Enjoy clear conversations in challenging environments like parties, restaurants, and church. Worn behind the ear (BTE) you may forget you are wearing a hearing aid with its discrete design and small size.

This robust and comfortable digital device features adaptive noise control to reduce background noise and 4 program settings provide clear sound in any environment.

The RB100 can be professionally programmed with your audiogram or preset for moderate hearing loss. The Rosebud RB100 uses replaceable batteries that last for up to to 14 days making it great for an active lifestyle.

Technical Specifications

Technical Features

Thin Tube / Earhook Behind the Ear Design
Digital Processing
Adaptive Directional Microphones
3 Memories, with memory indicators
• Mem1: Normal response
• Mem2: Bass Boost Response
• Mem3: Directional Response
Tri-mode Noise Reduction
Feedback Cancellation
Speech Enhancement
8 Channels / 12 Bands
Digital Rocker Manual Volume Control
Low Battery Warning / Volume change indicators
Nano Moisture Coating
FDA registered
90 day trial period / guarantee
1 year warranty from manufacturer

Technical Details

ANSI S3.22-2003; 2 Cm3 HA1 Coupler
OSPL90 Maximum: 108/118 dBSPL
HFA OSPL90: 101/111 dBSPL
Peak Gain: 39/50 dB
HFA Full-On-Gain: 32/43 dB
R.T.G.: 23/33 dB
Frequency Range, f1-f2: 200-6300 Hz
THD at 500 Hz: <3%
THD at 800 Hz: <3%
THD at 1600 Hz: <3%
Eq. Input Noise Level: <28 dBSPL
Attack Time: 10 mS @ 2kHz
Release Time: 400 mS @ 2kHz
Battery Current Drain: 1.10/0.85 mA
Battery Life [312]: 140/180 hrs

The Best Value Hearing Aid

Enjoy Conversations Again

Featuring high quality sound, comfort and simple usability makes this robust hearing aid a great choice for anyone looking for value and performance.

• 8 Channels / 12 Band Processing
• Adaptive Directional Microphones
• Feedback Cancellation
• Speech Enhancement

• 90 day trial
• 1 year warranty
• Made in the USA

• Fully Programmable
• FDA registered
• Medically certified

Quality, Reliability and Excellent Sound Quality

Feedback and whistling is minimized through adaptive feedback cancellation. You can set your RB100 to 3 pre-set sound programs or fine tune the volume with manual volume steps.

• Audiogram programable or set to default, moderate hearing loss
• 312 Battery = 180 hours
• High Impact Casing

What's Included With My RB100?

1) RB100 BTE Hearing Aid (2 if Pair is selected)
2) Hearing Aid Thin Tube (Short 1A/B, Medium 2A/B or Long 3A/B)
3) Silicone Ear Tips (Small / Medium / Large)
4) Carrying Case
5) Cleaning Tool
6) A312 size Rayovac Batteries

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