ZPower knows that despite of all the advances made in the world of hearing aids, there is always room for improvement, which is why they have stepped forward to offer a rechargeable solution for hearing aids, and this development is set to happen at the upcoming JDVAC Conference. The company has a proud history, being the first developer of rechargeable, silver-zinc batteries for hearing aids, and they intend to showcase their spanking new technology for Active Duty Service Members and Veterans of the Armed Forces at the Joint Defense Veterans Audiology (JDVAC) conference.
Silver-zinc battery technology was originally developed for NASA and the Military, and just like how Formula 1 technologies get filtered down to the man on the street, so too, is ZPower’s technology being applied to hearing instruments as well as wearable technology. This new solution will work this way – by converting new and existing hearing aids to being rechargeable, and consumers ought to be able to get a hold of this wonderful development some time in the second half of the year.
The ZPower Rechargeable Solution claims that an average patient will require just a single battery for each hearing aid, per year, now how about that for convenience?