Would homeowners insurance policy cover a lost hearing aid? A. The average (ok lets just same some) homeowners insurance policies may cover a lost hearing aid-MAY! But you first have to claim it as a valuable - it needs to be noted in your policy. An insurance company will more likely cover the hearing aid replacement if it has been listed on your policy. After that, a hearing aid would be considered personal property and the coverage would come from that section of the homeowners insurance policy. However, keep in mind that the loss would still be subject to the usual deductible on your policy. This means if the value of the hearing aid is not in excess of your deductible, you would not be entitled to any payment from your insurer. Additionally, the policy can only cover the lost hearing aid up to the personal property limit of liability specified on the policy. If the hearing aid's value is in excess of the limit, the limit is the most the policy will pay.
Keep in mind that personal property coverage on your homeowners policy will extend beyond the boundaries of your home. In fact, most home insurance policies will cover your personal property anywhere in the world.
Check Your Home Owners Policy before buying New Hearing Aids!