Video about Why Hearing Aids Cost So Damn Much -
It's an issue that has troubled Americans for decades.
From home makers to office workers to high ranking politicians.
It has baffled scientists and left economists scratching their heads.
The Issue? "Why do hearing aids cost so damn much?"
To get at the heart of a hearing aid’s cost, we can turn to data unearthed by a watchdog group studying the major hearing aid manufacturers and price they sell to the Veterans Administration,
Based on this information, it costs about $250 to make a device that retailers then mark up the price to cover overheard and make a profit, resulting in a $3,000 price tag.
But finally, the good people at Century Hearing Aids have solved the problem.
Introducing the revolutionary new way to buy hearing aids
Its called the Internet
Century Hearing Aids is a online company with low overhead.
Low over head means they pass the savings on to you. They offer Top quality digital hearing aids that cost about $500 - mailed to your home.
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