Great read on hearing loss and what hearing aids actually do under the hood
Written by Varun Srinivasan, in collaboration with the Amp team
When Alex and I were pitching SoundFocus as an app that helped people with hearing loss, this was often the first question we got. We’ve decided to write up our answer to this question as a blog post, complete with cycling bears, to help anyone else who is interested in the true nature of hearing loss.
People often think of hearing loss as a simple loudness problem, one which can be fixed by hitting the “volume up” button on your remote enough times. That’s not quite how it works.

If you know people who have hearing loss, you’ve noticed that they can’t tolerate loud noises that you’re fine with, but they also can’t hear some of things that you can hear perfectly well.
This seems contradictory at first, but to understand it better we need to dive into the physics of sound and hearing.