Whoopi Goldberg is opening up about her hearing impairment and has admitted to using hearing aids while at home.
The 59-year-old actress made the confession on Monday's new episode of 'The View' during a discussion about a new warning issued by the World Health Organization for music lovers to limit their listening to an hour a day to prevent hearing loss.

Whoopi with her 'The View' co-hosts Nicolle Wallace and Rosie Perez and guest-hosts Samantha Ponder and Stacy London on Feb. 26, 2015. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)
"I have hearing aids... I wear them at my house, mostly because I like everything really loud. Sixties' rock 'n' roll, you go to and you're standing right next to the speakers. It's amazing we can hear anything," Whoopi said.
The 'Sister Act' star then encouraged fans to take care of their hearing before it's too late.
"If you have any hearing loss, make sure you go and get yourself checked out, because... if you can stop it, you should. Stop it in its tracks because not being able to hear is a bit of a b**ch, I can tell you that from experience," she added.