Where to Sell Your Used Hearing Aid for the Most Money. Ok, its not going to be easy to sell your hearing aids like iPhones would. You must remember the hearing aid was customized for you. The new owner probably not going to get it reprogrammed, tubes might be longer, mold not fit, etc, etc with all these negatives going against you, where do you sell your hearing aid for the most money?
How to do it: Craigslist is probably where you're going to get the most money if you're willing to deal with scammers, spammers, and the prospect of getting murdered for your kidney. You'll have to sort through emails from people looking to rip you off, just accept that you are going to see a lot of spam.

But if you can get past all that, then you might get some significant dinero back to you. As always, remember that when you buy or sell from someone on Craigslist, it's best to meet in a public place.

How to do it:
The biggest drawback of eBays is that it makes you work for your money. There's no instant sell option, so you'll have to list your hearing on the old fashioned Internet auction block. ebay really is the best place, because they allow hearing aids to sold, they require you offer a the hearing aid waiver. Problem is there are ten of 1000s of listings now.

How to do it: Amazon does not allow any hearing aid sold with the words "Hearing Aid" any where in the title, or product description. You are going to have to list it as a personal sound amplifier.
There are couple other sites like BestBuy.com Rakuten.com, Sears.com and Newegg.com that you can list it on but usually the rule is, if no one else is listing hearing aids on the site, its because no comes to look for hearing aids at these sites - do don't waste your time.
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