Hearing Aids Using Bluetooth.......Bluetooth technology or (Bluetooth hearing aids) is a wireless option - an extra technology- something you wear around your neck or attach to your belt - for connecting and exchanging information between mobile phones and receivers. With Bluetooth technology, information is sent and received by an electronic device (neck loop or belt) with a matching personal identification number (PIN). For this reason, Bluetooth devices have to be paired with a particular mobile phone in order to function. Hearing aid accessories are available from several manufacturers (see here) that enable you to use your hearing aids with your cell phone for crystal-clear, direct wireless communication.
That means you can take a cell phone call, answer it, and its streamed right to your hearing aids.
So you need three things for for hearing aids to use Bluetooth: 1. A hearing aid with a t coil (see last paragraph) 2. Bluetooth cell phone, and 3. Bluetooth Neckloop like this: http://centuryhearingaids.com/hearing-aid-accessories/hearing-aid-accessories/clearsounds-quattro-amplified-bluetooth-neckloop.html
Why do you need an extra Blue device? Answer: Bluetooth-enabled technology often places a significant drain on hearing aid batteries. Bluetooth, to stream the cell phone signal to your hearing aids, requires 4 to 5 volt batteries -which are larger.
Using telecoils to improve phone use
The telecoil (T-coil) is a receiver built into most hearing aids that allows you to pick up sound coming from your wired home phone or cell phone more clearly. It also reduces the likelihood of feedback, which creates the annoying high-pitched whistle so many associate with hearing aids. More on tcoils here.