US-based company has designed a hearing aid which looks like a regular necklace that users can wear around their neck.
'Wear' is an assistive device designed to improve quality of life for people with hearing loss.
The device is a high fidelity directional analog microphone which can be used with any pair of headphones, has a volume control, is rechargeable and comfortable to wear.
The 'necklace' incorporates a directional microphone technology that creates a 6 foot zone which captures, focuses and clarifies conversations in noisy environments, while reducing the effects of extraneous noise, according to the product description on Kickstarter website.
The team behind the project, Eric Rosenthal and Michelle Temple from Brooklyn, New York, cautioned that wear is not a replacement for a hearing aid.
Wear, which is 2 inches in diameter and weighs 28 g, is designed to be used when an individual is interested in having a quality conversation in very noisy environments like family get togethers, restaurants or meetings, they said.
Wear can also be used as a commentators microphone eliminating the need to hold a microphone during an interview and other high quality audio recording applications.

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