The Top 5 cell phone Hearing Test Apps
1. Siemens Hearing Test
The Hearing Test was created by audiology experts at Siemens to help you determine whether you have hearing impairment. This revolutionary application has been scientifically developed and carefully tested to ensure the most precise results possible. In addition, the test is completely independent of language, so you can use it reliably no matter what language you’re most
comfortable with.

2. Hearing Test by Hurryforward Ltd
Hearing Test is a fun and easy to use hearing test app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This hearing test plays 8 tones at different frequencies. If you cannot hear all of the frequencies or notice a distinct volume change, you may have a hearing loss. Humans can generally hear sounds with frequencies between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz although this range varies significantly with age and gender. The majority of people can no longer hear 20,000 Hz by the time they are teenagers and progressively lose the ability to hear higher frequencies as they get older.

3. Hearing Test Pro

The World's Best Free Hearing Test App Want a quick, simple and confidential way to check your own hearing, or the hearing of a family member or friend? Now you can determine if your hearing is within normal range, or you have a hearing loss. All without the need to visit a Doctor. And depending on your test results, you may wish to visit a Hearing Care Professional after this test. Created by a Professional Audiology Expert to help determine whether or not you have a hearing impairment, this App has been carefully tested to ensure the most accurate results possible. No special equipment is required. The test uses headsets or earbuds that are generally available worldwide. This is the best, most comprehensive, free test available.

4. Hearing Test with Audiogram by Pieezo Hearsay
Hearing Test is commonly done by professional however using your Apple device and a good headset, you can now check your hearing at home. Instead of pressing, the user can slide the volume up and down for each frequency only proceed to the next tone when one is comfortable.
The test can be done over and over again, but each time an audiogram will be plotted base on the person Hearing Threshold in decibel of hearing loss.

5. uHear by Unitron Hearing
Do you or someone you know think you have a hearing loss? Often times it is difficult to tell because hearing loss usually occurs gradually such that the person is not aware of it.
uHearTM is a screening tool which allows you to test your hearing to determine if it is within normal range, or if you have a potential hearing loss. uHear allows you assess your hearing in less than 5 minutes, on any one or all three of these easy tests: 1. Hearing Sensitivity is allows you to test your hearing to determine if it is within the normal range. 2. Speech in Noise is a measurement of your ability to understand speech in noisy environments. 3. Questionnaire is a series of questions regarding your hearing ability in common listening situations.