Angel Sound is an interactive auditory training and hearing assessment program that lets you take control of your listening rehabilitation independently or self-administer your functional hearing test at home. You gain practice in discriminating and identifying sounds and speech components through a series of self-paced modules that cover different aspects of the listening process. The level of difficulty is automatically adjusted to match your developing listening skills. The program provides audio-visual feedback, highlighting areas you can continue to practice. The training and testing results can be shared with your clinician or therapist, who can provide further advice on your rehabilitation. Focused on practice and improvement of your listening skills, Angel SoundTM compliments your clinic rehabilitation and functional hearing test program.

Neurotone is committed to building quality media enhancement and auditory rehabilitation solutions for people suffering from hearing loss. Neurotone is staffed by experts in technology development and audiological training disciplines. This collection of unique and varied experience allows us to create and deliver solutions that improve the lives of those who are hard of hearing.

A busy restaurant, a crowded family gathering, a noisy doctor's office— have you given up on hearing in places like these? Does it seem like there’s no way to understand your friends when they speak in a noisy environment? There is! When you train your eyes, ears and brain to work together, you’ll be amazed at how much you can understand speech in the loudest of surroundings. ReadMyQuips, the new audio-visual home training system, teaches you how! ReadMyQuips can help you understand. And best of all, it's designed to be both entertaining and effective.