The Price of Hearing Aids at Costco An Honest Review vs Century Hearing Aids Costco works with five hearing aid suppliers and offers a variety the standard three styles: In the Ear, Over the Ear Open Fit and Receiver in the Canal and the Behind the Ear. They offer their private label brand: the Kirkland Signatures Series (which is a Siemens Electone hearing aid), Bernafon (which is Oticon), Resound and Phonak. These are all well known establish brands. Great quality products. Sound-Strong Companies.
Open Fit Hearing Aids Costco Review
The Price for their Private Label, the Kirkland Signature Series Open Fit is $899.99 to $1,399.99 Each - The Open Fits are for folks with Mild to Moderately Severe Hearing Loss. Open Fit technology will work for a majority of the customers with this type of hearing loss. I think these are a little too high priced...why? Well the Open Fit technology has been around for 10 years - Its still great technology and works very well for customers in fact, this hearing aid will work for a majority of customers with impaired hearing but Century Hearing Aids offers the same technology for $599 each or $898 for 2. The Open Fit model from Costco should be the "Discount Hearing Aid" I would say the advantage here is to Century Hearing Aids.
Behind the Ear Hearing Aids Costco Review
Behind The Ear $899.99 to $1,399.99 Each** These are for folks with Severe to Profound Hearing Loss. This is good price for base model. We offer the same technology for $899. We can match or beat this with our Rosebud Premium SP. The advantage for Costco is that its face to face, and tuning a BTE is tough because expectations are higher from customers. And Costco can also do a custom mold. Century Hearing Aids offers custom molds and its a kit that you Do-It-Yourself at home. I would say slight advantage here is to Costco.

Receiver in the Canal from Costco Hearing Aid Review
The Receiver in the Canal from Costco offers their private label Kirkland Signature™ Premium
Digital Hearing Aid price is $1,899.99 a Pair - without a doubt this is an awesome price. AWESOME and nearly unbeatable. Every Audiologist with in 50 miles of a costco is pissed off. I would say this, If you are not a member of costco, and you are within 50 miles of a costco, and you need hearing aids, become a member. The hearing aids features include: Remote Control: Main technical features include: Data-logging: Device-2-Device Communication: Digital Feedback Suppression: Directionality Options: Nanotech coating: Noise Regulator: Sound Processing: Volume Adjustment: and Wind Protection. Century hearing aids offers a Receiver in the Canal hearing aid for a price of $2289 for two, this includes all the same technology and nearly all the same features, (because many of the manufacture use the same chip inside - like all personal computers use intel) except the remote control, but with huge get the Personal Programming kit. And You can reprogram at home. With the Personal Programming Kit you have access to the same hardware and software that industry professionals do. Since Century Hearing Aids sells online, versus Costco which is face to face, We think its nearly impossible to purchase any hearing aid over the internet and be able to enjoy much hearing success, without the ability to make precise changes to the hearing aid sound settings. We also include remote support with these hearing aids. We do not think our solution is for everyone with moderate to severe hearing loss that is in the market for a Receiver in the Canal. Our offer is only for folks with hearing loss, with computer experience - PC, and want to take control of their own hearing at home. But back to Costco Signature Series RICs, they are a great price, its a great offer all around...only draw back is that their are only 650 Costcos and only in Metropolitan areas. You need to be within 100 miles of a Costco for this offer it to make sense. Costcos price of $1899 does not include sales tax for your state - where as there are no sales tax online, your price could be around $2070 at costco and $2289 at Century Hearing. Small advantage to Costco...if you are within driving distance of Costco. The only other issue with Costco is the lack of payment plans - they do not offer any to date.
In the Ear Hearing Aid Costco Review
Costco offers In The Ear, In the Canal and Completely in the Canal Hearing Aids. The price for these range from $499.99 to $1,499.99 Each. Costco's In the Ear offers are only Custom-molded to fit in the ear. Century Hearing Aids does not offer custom molded hearing aids. We only offer ready to wear in the ears for folks with mild to moderate hearing loss. Century Hearing Aids offers 3models, all ready to wears and are priced at $399 to $599 to $899. Century Hearing Aids is not in the custom mold in the ear market. We do not compete here. You want a ready to wear, come to Century Hearing Aids. You Want a custom mold, go to Costco. No advantage to either party.
Other Items to Note of about Costco Hearing Aid Business
Costco offers a 90 day 100% money back guarantee. I have found customers decide within the first week wether they like the aids or not...90 days I think is more of marketing offer - why not 180 or 365 days?
Costco has a great hearing aid business. Recent business reports say they are now the largest reseller of hearing aids in the US. The numbers are very good for Costco. Costco has 650 locations in the US, only in dense metropolitan areas, Costco averages 1000 people walking by the hearing aid center every day, 7 days a week, that they did not have to spend money on to visit their store - which means they have no advertising costs. In the retail business there is a saying, location, location location. Costco has it. And you have deep pockets to go to manufacture to negotiate hearing aid prices. Costco is a formidable competitor for sure. But they are not going to build a Costco in every town in the US of A. The only party losing here is the local audiologist. They are facing the same challenges as mom and pop hardware stores did when Home Depot moved into their town.