The Amazing yet Simple Secret to Adding years to the life of your hearing aid
Moisture is hearing aids #1 enemy - Ear Wax is #2
Hearing Aid Manufacturers report that as many as 50% of the hearing aids they receive for repair are malfunctioning due to moisture or earwax.
What is the Secret to Adding years to the life of your hearing aids?
A dry aid. (dry aid image here)
A Dry Aid absorbs moisture and drys out the ear wax for easier cleaning.
Its simple, its effective.
Use a dry aid every night and you can save yourself the time, expense, and aggravation of those preventable repairs.
With a dry aid - You can maintain peak performance, reduce repairs, enjoy better sound quality and extend the life of your hearing aid
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Frequently Asked Questions about the Dry Aid
How do I use it? Open Your Hearing Aid battery door, put hearing aids in use it Every night,
How long does it last? Nearly a year!
What is it? Its a jar of desiccant - same stuff that comes in the little packs in prescription pills - to remove moisture from bottle
Is it just a jar of dry rice? Rice works, but not quite as well as desiccant.
Do I put it in the oven to "renew" it? Put in microwave for 10-20 secs to "recharge" the desiccant

Do I put my aid inside and close the lid? Yes, sir, close the lid!
Is it for only one? Do I need a second one if I have two aids? No you can fit two aids in - one is all you need.