Many hearing instrument wearers use multiple tools to clean their hearing instruments including loops, brushes, and picks. These instruments are usually very small and, at times, difficult to effectively handle by some patients. The perfect solution is the Acu-Life Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit. This 5-in-1 tool system consists of the necessary tools to quickly clean and maintain hearing instruments and includes a wax removal brush, wax removal pick, battery replacement magnet, tube and vent cleaner, and a battery door opener. The five tools are built into a lightweight comfortable handle that not only keeps everything in one place, but helps with dexterity. In addition, the Acu-Life Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit has a spare battery container. This is a very handy tool for both the dispensing clinic and for the hearing instrument user. Contact Oaktree Products at 888-295-2944 and ask for customer service for more information