Century Hearing Aids repairs all brands of hearing aids, including, but not limited to:

AHS - Apherma - Audibel - Audina - AudioTone - ActiveEar - Bell - Beltone - Bernafon Hearing Aids- Clarity - Danavox - Electone - FineTone -  General Hearing Instruments - Hansaton - Interton - Liberty - Micro-Tech - Magnatone - Miracle Ear - Micro-Tech Hearing Aids- MyHearPod - National - NuEar Omni - Oticon - Persona Medical - Puretone - Phonak Hearing Aids - Prairie Labs - Qualitone - ReSound - Rexton - Rosebud - SeboTec - We repair Siemens Hearing Aids - Sonus - Starkey Hearing Aids - Sonic Innovations - Telex - Unitron - Vivatone - Widex - Zounds

If you are out of warranty, and the manufacturer suggests you buy new,  Give us a try, we do not care of you live in California, or NYC or any other state - send it to us, we have repaired over 20,000 hearing aids in 16 years.


2 Days to Ship to us using USPS Priority - 1 to 2 Days Actual Repair Time in Lab - 2 Day Fed Ex to Ship to You.

Hearing Aids Repair Cost
Premium Hearing Aid Repair Service -  $199 per aid + S&H

Our hearing aid repair technicians go through each hearing aid in detail and your aid will be repaired to the highest Industry standards regardless of age, make or model.  Repairs Include: ONE year warranty.
Our Repair Service Includes:

    • Replacement of all defective parts

    • Thorough cleaning of Ear Wax and other Debris

    • Verification of all internal circuitry wiring

    • Complete Hearing Aid testing/Evaluation Using Hearing Aid Analyzer

Download the Repair Form Here

Need Rush Service?   Rush Hearing Aid Repair Service -  Add $39 per aid

If this option is selected, your hearing aid gets 1st priority and immediate attention when received.
Receivers for Receiver in the Canal RICs -  if the receiver needs replacing this is an additional charge of $120
Faceplate Replacement - Add $49 per aid  
Did you break your faceplate?  In the very unlikely event that the faceplate of your hearing aid needs to be replaced, there will be an additional $49 charge. The faceplate is the outer most part of your hearing aid that contains all the controls such as: volume control, battery door, contacts, buttons and switches.  It does not normally go bad but may be physically broken.
Shipping Charges:
Century Hearing Aids uses FedEx exclusively for our Repair Service shipping needs. When shipping your hearing aids back to you we require that the package be signed for (unless specifically waived by you). No Saturday deliveries. Your shipping cost is per shipment, not per aid.

FedEx Express Saver*   $14.50   Approximately 3 Business Days
FedEx Second Day*   $19.50   Approximately 2 Business Days
FedEx Standard Overnight*   $44.50   Approximately Next Business Days

Important, Please Read:
Many times, when replacing parts, such as the hearing aid microphone or receiver (speaker), a dramatic increase in volume may occur.  Often times, in the progression of a hearing aid failure, your local hearing care provider may simply turn your hearing aid up louder and louder to compensate for deteriorating components.  When Century Hearing Aids technicians replace these parts, we are in fact, restoring the hearing aid to a "like new" condition.  However we do NOT have the necessary audiological information to accurately readjust the repaired hearing aid sound settings to match your hearing loss.  If the hearing aid is too loud or feedback occurs (a direct result of more amplification), additional sound adjustments may be needed.  These adjustments would need to be made by your local hearing care provider.

Shipping Instructions

When shipping your hearing aids to Century Hearing Aids for repair, please put them in a crush proof container or box (an old plastic pill or vitamin bottle works well).  Then put the crush proof container in a regular shipping box or envelope for shipping.  Include in the package a written description of the hearing aid problems your experiencing, contact information, and return shipping address.
We also recommend that you insure and/or require us to sign that we have received the package. We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages being shipped to us.
Check or Money Order
Please include the appropriate check amount for the repair service desired, select and add your shipping method cost, and send your payment with your hearing aid - Example: $199  (add $39 for RUSH Service)  add S&H cost.
Credit or Debit Card payments.
If you prefer to pay by credit or debit card, please include your credit card number, expiration date and CVS security code, your return shipping address and a daytime phone number with your order.
Please send all shipments and Repair Forms to:
Century Hearing Aids Repair Service
102 Northfield Drive East
Bainbridge, IN  46105


Download the Repair Form Here