ReSound Hearing Aids Launch Android App in Time for CES 2015

- for the National Edition
The world’s smartest hearing aid, ReSound LiNX, today announced from the International CES conference in Las Vegas that the ReSound Smart app will now be available on Android. Previously, the ReSound smart hearing aids were compatible with iPhone and Apple iOS. At CES 2015, they’ve launched compatibility with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and plan to release on the rest of the Android line later in 2015.
The appeal to ReSound is that it allows users to tailor their hearing experience to match their personal preferences and needs in a way that’s both discreet and easy. These hearing aids are also wireless stereo headphones which are enabled through the smart device to keep users connected to their surroundings. But enhanced hearing in noisy situations, increased comfort, and freedom from whistling sounds are offered through the ReSound techology even without being connected to a smart device.

Another amazing piece of the ReSound technology is the TSTM combines advanced tinnitus therapy with the world’s smartest hearing aid. It uses sound therapy to offer relief by diverting your attention away from your tinnitus, so you can stay focused on the things that are important to you. You can choose any of the four built-in sound-therapy options or you can stream any sound imaginable via a direct wireless connection to your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or via the ReSound Unite TM Mini Microphone.