Solar Ear: More than half of the 360 million people worldwide with a disabling hearing loss live in low- to- middle-income countries. Current production levels of hearing aids meets less than 10% of the global need, and the cost of hearing aids and batteries has often been beyond the reach of the poor. Solar Ear is a solar-powered hearing aid battery that costs a fraction of what traditional batteries cost, and lasts for 2-3 years (rather than one week). The company also offers complete hearing aids at greatly reduced prices. In the following video, the company’s founder explains the product, the company’s mission, and how both were inspired by the death of his teenage daughter.

ISEEWHATYOUSAY: ISEEWHATYOUSAY (from Digital Army Devices, Inc.) captures spoken language on a smartphone, converts it into text, and sends the text via Bluetooth to a remote user’s device. The company offers a specialized receiving device about the size of a flash stick, and has begun to offer apps to receive the text on smartphones and wearables. A huge segment of the deaf and hard of hearing community is made up of elderly people who lost their hearing later in life and retain the ability to speak. This product could be a game-changer for them. Below is a video that helps to explain and demonstrate the product.