1. Is it possible to repair my hearing aid?
Most hearing aids can be repaired, most but not all. There are some cases where we will not be able to repair your hearing aid, in those cases, if we cannot repair you hearing aid, will not charge your card or cash your check or we will offer a full refund.
2. My hearing aid is over 5 years old, My audiologist said I should replace it..should I?
There is no part of your hearing aid that is going to just turn off at five years old. Hardware Technology just does not work that way. If your hearing aid was working for you and you are not ready to buy new hearing aids, send it in to your lab to get it back to specifications.
3. My hearing aids were programmed to my audiogram, will you change or can you program my hearing aids too?
A. no we do not touch or change the programming,
B. and no, sorry we cannot adjust the hearing aids because we cannot connect the hearing aids to program - this would require the manufacturers software and cables - which would mean we need over 50 different pieces of software for each different brand.
4. Why do I have to ship the hearing aid in for repair?
No matter where you go for hearing aid repair, some local audiologist, costco, or the VA, they are going to mail it off to a hearing aid repair lab. If you are nervous about mailing your hearing aid, We suggest you use USPS with insurance and signature required or fedex or ups and request a signature on delivery.