How much does it cost to repair a hearing aid? Short answer, from us $199. Could you find it cheaper on the internet - sure. But here is what you are going to look for:

    • Look for a hearing aid repair shop before you need one; you can make better decisions when you are not rushed.

    • Ask friends, co-workers and associates for recommendations.

    • Look online but also Consult local consumer organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and chambers of commerce, about the reputation of the hearing aid lab. Inquire about the number, nature and resolution of complaints.

    • Search online for business reviews and visit the the hearing aid Facebook page if one is available. You can learn a lot about a business and its team by reading social media.

    • Don’t make your selection based solely on location convenience - most local hearing places send out repairs to a different lab anyway

    • Determine if the shop works on your hearing aid make and model or performs the types of repairs you need. Some facilities specialize in certain hearing aid, and some do not like to work on other hearing aids like CROS systems.

    • Professionally run hearing aid labs will have a courteous, helpful staff. The manager, service writer, or technician should be willing to answer your questions thoroughly.

    • Rates, fees for rush service and diagnostic work, guarantees, methods of payment, etc. should be posted on the website.

What does the $199 cover? Our hearing aid repair technicians go through each hearing aid in detail and your aid will be repaired to the highest Industry standards regardless of age, make or model. Repairs Include: ONE year warranty.
Our Repair Service Includes:

    • Replacement of all defective parts

    • Thorough cleaning of Ear Wax and other Debris

    • Verification of all internal circuitry wiring

    • Complete Hearing Aid testing/Evaluation Using Hearing Aid Analyzer