I guess Hearing Planet did not think much of my review of their site and prices and business model. For reference, See my first entry here:

And my subsequent conversation with the Managing Director of Hearing Planet here:
So they thought it would be a good idea to "hijack" my company name and use it in their advertising. Below is screen shot of a google search, circled in red is a google adwords ad. This ad, with the headline "Century Hearing Aid - HearingPlanet.com" was created by HearingPlanet. Its an ad for HearingPlanet, Using my company name to get people to their site. Hmmm....

You know what happens to you if you tried to use Apple's name in your advertising? $1000 an hour Lawyers are going to call you very soon. I know Google will maintain that they are blameless in this clear act of copyright infringement.
What this really does is confuse the person looking for hearing aids.....they may be looking for Century Hearing Aids....click on the ad and it lands on HearingPlanet, where prices are 3 to 5X higher. I am not sure that is the high road. What are your thoughts?