Hearing Aids You Can Sleep In Can you sleep in your hearing aid?
Usually not. Hearing aids are not comfortable to sleep in - especially the Behind the Ears - larger ones and even the Open Fit or Mini Behind the Ears. They are going to be uncomfortable when you roll over. I know lots of people that sleep with In the Ears - but be careful that they do not work themselves out and you lose them in the bed.
If you are concerned that your hearing loss may prevent you from hearing the telephone, door bell or fire alarms, there are a wide variety of assistive devices that you can use at night time while your hearing aids are out. Here is a company that sells Assistive Listening Devices https://www.clearsounds.com
There are a number reasons why we you might not want to wear your hearing aids in bed:
1. Your ears could use some rest from wearing hearing aids. Hearing Aids magnify sound vibrations. Surviving hair cells detect the larger vibrations and convert them into signals that are sent to the brain. They could use some rest.
2. It could be unhygienc- or just get your hearings very dirty. Your hearing aids should be in a dry aid or jar of dessicant to you clean them out of moisture at night.
3. You will wear out your hearing aids faster. Hearing aids are fragile and expensive little computers and sleeping with them may cause more wear and tear.
4. Wearing hearing aids while you sleep will where the Batteries out faster - costing you more in battery money.