Can you buy hearing aids on Amazon? Real Programmable Hearing Aids? Answer: Nope. (I tried listing my hearing aids on amazon - they took them down) Amazon restricts the Certain medical devices regardless of FDA clearance or approval, such as: Hearing aids (with the exception of hearing aid accessories, which are permitted)
See the Amazon rules here: Medical Devices & Accessories
What do they allow? Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs) What is a PSAP again? PSAPs are over-the-counter electronic products (they are not FDA approved medical devices like hearing aids) that come in many different shapes and sizes that will give your husband the ability to adjust the volume and tone so he can hear better in different situations.
PSAPs will look identical to hearing aids. Indistinguishable - same technology inside. But not programmable. It's also important to know that PSAPs work best for people with mild to moderate hearing impairment, you don't need a prescription to buy them, and they usually aren't covered by insurance or Medicare.