How long do your hearing aid batteries last?

    • 312 batteries last up to 160 hours 16 to 18 days

    • 10 batteries last up to 60-80 hours or 5 to 7 days

    • 13 batteries, last up to 230 hours or 3 to 4 weeks

    • 675 Batteries last up to 330 hours or 4 to 6 weeks

    • Rechargeable Batteries - these cost around $19 per battery and come with a disclaimer - Due to the limited capacity of the rechargeable cells, rechargeable batteries on a full charge - which takes 4 to 6 hours to charge - may not last through an entire day's use - approximately 20 hours - and is not recommended for some hearing aids.
      Helpful Hints: Store your hearing aid batteries at room temperature. Avoid temperature extremes, as heat will shorten the life of the batteries, and refrigeration is not recommended.Metal objects such as coins and keys can short out batteries, so don’t carry batteries your pocket or purse.

Factors That Affect Battery Life
Individual's Hearing Loss
As severity increases, increased amplification is required. This causes an increase in the current, which reduces battery life. Therefore, the more severe hearing loss a person has, the shorter the battery life. Also hearing loss can vary from ear to ear. That means you shouldn't expect equal battery life.
Individual's Hearing Aid Usage
Most people refer to days when referencing battery life, but what is the definition of "a day" to each person? Some people only wear their aids 4 hours a day, others wear it 16 hours a day. Hours that the battery lasts is a more accurate way to compare battery life.
Hearing Instrument Itself
The more advanced the aid is the more power is required. This concept is similar to a cell phone. The more features you use on your phone (internet, apps, games, movies, etc.), the faster the battery dies. New hearing instrument accessory items also put more drain on the hearing aid battery.
As humidity is reduced batteries may dry out reducing the battery life. This can be an issue if you are indoors during winter months in northern climates, using wood burning stoves to heat homes, and keeping batteries in dry aid kits in an already dry environment.
As temperature is reduced, hearing aid battery voltage is lowered, which reduces battery life.
As altitude increases the percentage of oxygen in the air is reduced, lowering the hearing aid battery voltage. This can cause the battery to reach the endpoint earlier.
Personal Environment
The noise around you can affect battery life. A battery will drain less in a library versus a restaurant or rock concert. Turning up the volume on your hearing instrument in a noisy setting can prematurely drain the battery.

Just like fresh vegetables are better than canned vegetables, a fresh battery is better than an aged battery. When batteries sit on a shelf or in a warehouse, they slowly lose their energy. Temperature fluctuations and the slow seepage of air into the battery are some of the factors that can affect the life of the battery while it sits.

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