Hearing Aids and Music - for the discerning listener. How do you get good quality sound?
The majority of over the ear headphones will create feedback (distorted sounds) with behind the ear hearing aids - and they will almost certainly be uncomfortable. And in the ear headphones you will have to take the hearing aids out - taking a chance to lose them..because the too will most likely create feedback.
A. The solution today is with the new wireless hearing aids, you can connect your Bluetooth iPod or iPhone directly to your hearing aid with no wires. This lets you listen to music through your hearing aids, just as if they were headphones themselves. And the best part is, you’re already wearing your hearing aids so all you have to do is push play.
B. Or you if your hearing aids have a telecoil, you can get something like the Quattro 4.0 Adaptive Bluetooth System. You can Connect and stream your cell phone, your television, stereo for music...up to five other devices to your Quattro 4.0 Adaptive Bluetooth Listening System for a pretty good listening experience.
Quattro 4.0 Adaptive Bluetooth System