Hearing Aid Companies and Hearing Aid Manufacturers (in alphabetical order)

1. Audibel

Audibel, a hearing aid manufacturer, has a line of digital hearing aids, including the very tiny "Invisible in the Canal" style. Standard features include automatic telephone detection, directional speech detection, environmental adaptation, and feedback elimination. More advanced features include voice indicators in multiple languages that can do things like provide low-battery alerts and audible reminders of appointments with hearing healthcare providers. On a return visit to the Audibel website, About.com found the hearing aids now had television listening settings, and water/humidity resistance. These hearing aids are made in the USA

2. Audina

Audina, a hearing aid manufacturer, offers multiple channel hearing aids with features such as the ability to enhance speech and eliminate background noise, cancel feedback, and adjust to the environment via "smart adaptive directional microphone controls." Audina's hearing aids are programmable, open ear, BTE, or custom digital. One model can be adjusted with a screwdriver, so computers and software are not needed. Another model has a "power on delay" feature that delays powering on the hearing aid for a few seconds so the user can insert the hearing aid without having to cope with feedback. In addition, Audina is also one of the few manufacturers still offering analog hearing aids. These hearing aids are made in the USA

3. Beltone

Beltone is a manufacturer of hearing aids. Beltone hearing aid products are on the site under "Our Produts >> Shell Styles." All their hearing aids are digital. At the time About.com visited the site, Beltone had eight different models. The models included tiny, invisible hearing aids with only a thin tube barely visible, miniature behind the ear aids, in the ear shells, in the canal aids that are barely visible, and a completely in the canal model. These hearing aids are made in the USA

4. Bernafon

Bernafon, a manufacturer of hearing aids, is based in Switzerland and makes a full line of digital hearing aids. On a return visit to the Bernafon site, About.com found Bernafon had ten models, ranging from a basic three channel digital model to a sleek, wireless-capable model.

5. Exsilent

ExSilent focused on developing next-generation hearing aids to offer people the future of communication. In a fast-growing market, where more and more young people become hearing impaired, ExSilent launched the world’s smallest, virtually invisible instant fit hearing aid. Together with strategic partners in the hearing aid industry and the academic world, ExSilent offers a range of high tech consumer-friendly and vendor-friendly hearing solutions. Our aim is for our products to become much more than just a hearing aid. The company started off in Amsterdam as a design company with the emphasis on developing modular, invisible hearing aids. ExSilent has been supported by a venture capital company right from the early beginning, therefore ExSilent has had the capability to do explorations outside the traditional design process. Some of these hearing aids are made in the USA

6. Hansaton

Hansaton is a Germany-based hearing aid manufacturer. Hansaton produces digital hearing aids with award-winning designs, with features such as feedback blocking, speech direction adjustment, and high fidelity sound listening capability. Hansaton also makes a line of colorful children's hearing aids.

7. Micro-Tech Hearing Instruments

Micro-Tech produces hearing aids with features such as automatic telephone detection, dynamic understanding of speech in noise, and feedback cancellation. The company makes all the styles of hearing aids, ranging from traditional BTE to completely in the canal. There is also an "economy" line of hearing aids. These hearing aids are made in the USA

8. Miracle-Ear

Miracle-Ear hearing aids have been around a long time. Their hearing aid line is digital, and the company offers "solution packages." The company also has a foundation to help with the cost of children's hearing aids.

9. Oticon

The last hearing aids I ever had were Oticon hearing aids -- and today those would be in a museum. Today's Oticon hearing aids are digital, and range from affordable basic models to advanced models with wireless features. Most of the models are open fit models, in sleek designs including triangular shapes. The full complement of modern hearing aid styles is available, from traditional behind the ear to completely in the canal.

10. Persona Medical

Persona Medical makes hearing instruments with features such as speech enhancement that allows hearing both soft and louder sounds simultaneously, and automatic volume control. Other features include moisture protection and automatic telephone switching. These hearing aids are made in the USA

11. Phonak

Phonak is a hearing aid manufacturer that makes the full range of hearing aid styles. Their product line begins with an affordable basic model that has key features such as feedback blocking and the ability to block background noise. At the top of the line is a model with advanced features such as the ability to manage sound distortion, and the ability to reduce wind noise. Phonak also has a complete line of hearing aids for children and teenagers, with child-friendly designs.
Phonak also sells an "invisible" in-the-canal hearing aid, Lyric, for people with mild to moderate hearing loss, with a soft exterior that can be worn for extended periods of time without having to take it out. It does not need to be taken out to shower (but must be taken out to swim) or sleep. The hearing aid can stay hidden in the canal for as long as 120 days per fitting. A removal tool is given to users to take it out if needed. It needs to be replaced about six times a year. It is sold on a subscription basis, with customers paying for a full year's worth of hearing aids at a time. More »

12. Resound

Resound products range from an affordable model with limited features, including wind noise reduction, to wireless advanced models. More advanced models have moisture resistance, and can detect sound better. Other advanced features are multiventing and environmental classification capabilities. Models are available in a variety of geometric shapes.

13. Rexton

Rexton makes digital open fit and traditional BTE hearing aids. The most basic, affordable model has few features. The rest of the line has more features, such as wireless capability, adaptive noise reduction, rechargeability, smoothing of sudden, impulsive sounds, and more. The top of the line models have features such as enhanced music listening capabilities.

14. Siemens

Siemens (recently sold to EQT) has been producing hearing aids for at least a century, for both children and adults. At the time About.com visited the site, Siemens had tiny, rechargeable receiver in the canal BTE hearing aids, in multiple colors. These hearing aids also came with stylish designs. The hearing aids also offer the user the ability to "teach" the hearing aid the user's individual needs. Wireless connectivity is another feature. A more traditional line has the same features, plus fashionable designs. The infant line of hearing aids has a coating to resist dirt and grease. For older children, the hearing aids have an extended frequency range, and direct audio connection to FM transmitters.

15. Sonic Innovations

Sonic Innovations has creatively designed, tiny digital hearing instruments. As such, the focus is on the design rather than functionality and features. Another line of hearing aids consists of more traditional BTEs and canal styles, and has more features. For example, automated features for different listening environments and speech enhancement technology.

16. Starkey

Starkey, a longtime hearing aid manufacturer, makes the entire range of hearing aid styles, and offers a wide choice of colors and designs. Typical features include noise reduction, feedback cancellation, and automatic telephone listening. The newest item in their lineup (at the time About.com visited the site) is an invisible in the canal hearing aid. Their pediatric line features characters from Nickelodeon. Starkey also has the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which helps provide hearing aids to those who can not afford them. These hearing aids are made in the USA

17. Unitron

Unitron makes ultra-small BTEs, traditional BTES, in the ear, and what it calls a "crossover" model. The crossover model is a small in the ear model that can be controlled via a remote control. The other in the ear models range from full shell to completely in the canal. Hearing aid features include wireless capability, automatic programs, adaptive directional microphones, and manual programming.

18. Widex

Widex produces digital hearing aids with wireless capabilities that allow the hearing aids to communicate with each other as well as with devices. Their model list is presented in order from most recently introduced to oldest model. The styles available are behind the ear, in the ear, receiver in canal, and completely in the canal. A pediatric line of hearing aids comes in light pastel colors