What are you going to do with all these hearing aid batteries?
Did you know Some hearing aid batteries contain mercury.
Mercury is a hazardous component.
Some batteries are Mercury free but contain Zinc.
The zinc in zinc-air batteries is a also a hazardous component.
The danger in throwing disposable batteries in the garbage is that when the batteries are dumped at a landfill, over time, the decaying of the batteries could release harmful chemicals into the environment.
Some states, like California, classify hearing aid batteries as hazardous waste and prohibit their being placed in the trash.
Where Can You Recycle Hearing Aid Batteries?
Some stores, hearing aid retailers, or hearing clinics will accept them for recycling.
Some county governments have recycling programs; check with your local county.
National chain retailers known to accept used batteries (not all of the stores in the chain may accept hearing aid batteries):
Radio Shack
Miracle Ear Centers
Audibel centers
To find a recycling location near you, you can use the www.Earth911.com website.
What do the Recycling Centers do with the batteries?
The toxic components are extracted and re-sold by recycling companies. The remainder is safe for the landfill.