Hearing devices visible on Prince Philip as he accompanies Queen at reception to honour recipients of Victoria Cross and George Cross at Buckingham Palace

The Duke of Edinburgh's hearing aid is only visible because of a thin wire next to each ear Photo: PA

1:38PM GMT 28 Oct 2014

Presented with a pair of ear defenders for his ninetieth birthday the Duke of Edinburgh joked: “Can you get Radio 3 on this?’’

One can only imagine, then, the scene when Prince Philip, now 93, was fitted with the pair of hearing aids that he wore for the first time in public on Tuesday.

Although particularly discreet, the devices, which are available through the NHS, could be seen in the form of two thin wires inserted into the Duke's ears at a reception in Buckingham Palace.

Royal observers pointed out that the Duke’s need for hearing assistance was unsurprising at his age, particularly because he still makes regular appearances at events where he engages in conversation with dignitaries, politicians and members of the public. Tuesday’s reception, to which he accompanied the Queen, was held to honour recipients of the Victoria Cross and George Cross and their families.

“He has done remarkably well to be doing what he does for so long and not need them,” said Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty magazine.

“Over the years it has been apparent when he has been out with the Queen that he has not been fully au fait with things going on around him and she has had to tell him. I think his hearing has been impaired for some time so it is just a way of improving his quality of life.”
A Royal spokesman declined to comment, on the grounds that the Duke’s hearing aids are a medical matter. However, Gemma Twitchen, senior audiologist at Action on Hearing Loss, formerly the RNID and of which the Duke was patron until last year, said the hearing aids were likely to be one of two kinds of device - both of which are available through the NHS.
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