Well maybe...old men...and women may have bigger ears than they had as younger adults. Here are some recent studies...
A. Researchers at the Veterans Admin Medical Center found that ear circumference increases an average .51 millimeters per year.
B. Research in the United Kingdom found the same thing, "A chance observation--ears get bigger when the rest of the body stops growing--was at first controversial, but has shown to be true," Dr James A Heathcote at the Royal College of General Practitioners in England reported.
C. Dr Yashhiro Asai, a physician at the Futanazu Clinic in Misake, Japan, along with three colleagues, conducted a study of 400 consecutive patients aged 20 and older, and concluded that "ear length correlates significantly with age, in Japanese people.
D. A computer analysis at the University of Milan documented how faciial structures change as people age. Dr. V.F. Ferrario and four colleagues from the Functional Anatomy Research Centre at the University presented evidence that not only do ears get longer with age, but the phenomenon applies to both men and women.
Looks like there is strong evidence but the debate still goes on.