Did you lose your Hearing Aid? Here are some helpful Tips to help you Find Your Lost Hearing Aid

  • Take your time to find the missing item.

  • Try not to make a mess or you'll have a harder time finding what you lost. Instead, be systematic, and use the opportunity to tidy up as you go.

  • Do not look blindly for the item. The first reaction is to search for the missing item everywhere imaginable, leading to frustration. Take a moment to calm down and think logically. Be methodical and split the area up in smaller zones and scan one at a time. If you go back, always search the area as you've earlier defined.

  • On at least one search pass, look above eye-level. So often, we're looking down while searching, but might have put the item on a higher shelf, "just for a moment."

  • Check everything again and again. Even if you have searched your room for your keys three times, check again. It is not rare to find something in the very place you thought you had already searched thoroughly.

  • Ask someone else to help you if you don't mind them looking through your things. A second pair of eyes can help cover more area and may help to see things where you had grown accustomed to seeing them.

  • Don't forget the automobile! For many people, the last place they were before coming home was in their car. Be sure to look between and under the seats of your car.

  • Consider the hearing aids characteristics. The nature of hearing aids makes them easier or more difficult to locate.

  • If none of this works, just stop looking. Get your mind completely off finding the object. This gives the amazing computer in your brain a chance to work, which sometimes leads to instant recall.

  • If you don't find the item quickly, stop looking and start picking up and/or cleaning your house, car or office. This changes your focus and level of frustration. When you find the item (or even if you don't), you'll be on your way to more organized surroundings and less likely to misplace things.

  • Know your habits. Some people lay things down around them neatly; some of us toss. If you're a tosser, go into the most traveled spots of the most suspect rooms, then pretend that you're tossing the object as you turn in a circle. This gives you a radius (based on how you would toss that particular object -- you'd toss your keys differently than a notebook or breakable object) of roughly where it would be, including the trajectory it could have bounced off of the bed or a sofa cushion.

  • For next time try to remember where you first looked for it, when you realized it was lost. Keep it in this place and you should avoid losing the same thing again. Usually the first place that springs to mind will be the same each time.

  • Lay your head down so that the floor is at eye level. This makes small objects more easily seen.

  • Habit is a great substitute for memory. Practice the habit of putting your hearing aids in the same place, every time. If you catch yourself thinking "I'll just put it here for a moment..." stop, give yourself a small dope-slap, and go put it in the proper place...which should be a convenient and dedicated shelf, container, or area very close to the first place you looked.

  • Put your keep your hearing aids in a jewelry type box to keep it easy to find and a clean look to your bureau.

  • When you do something, say it. When you talk, your brain works to remember what are you doing. If you put your hearing aid somewhere, say to yourself where you put it.

  • Try checking dirty pants that have not been washed yet or are somewhere in the laundry room.

  • Check in the car: between those back seats, the driver's seat and passenger seat, underneath the seats and in the door pockets, glove box, center console, cup holders, and any other place in the car it might be. The object may have fallen out of your pocket as you were sitting.

  • Make sure that you check between and underneath the sofa, chair, and couch cushions if you think it might be there.

  • Don't Freak out if all else fails get a good night sleep and try the next day.

  • Maintain a positive attitude throughout and it is like your search will be more successful.

Jon Stoddard
Founder & CEO
Century Hearing Aids