Summary: For hearing-impaired patients beset by the extreme costs of hearing aids and unhelpful insurance companies, a new crop of small, highly sophisticated Bluetooth headsets might be a game changer.
The Moto Hint is a very tiny Bluetooth earphone that fits inside the ear and, in addition to answering the phone and letting you talk, it can send Okay Google (and, presumably Siri) queries to a linked smartphone. Now, rather than just answering the phone, you can actually talk to your phone through just the device mounted in the ear.
Think of it as Google Glass, but for the ear.
This got me thinking about my friend. As a consumer device, the Hint is a little pricey: $149 for a Bluetooth earphone is a bit much. But $149 for a replacement hearing aid is disruptive, 1/20th of the price that my friend had to pay -- and then couldn't replace.