Can You Use QTIPs IN YOUR EAR It’s actually not safe to use Q-Tips in your ears. Doing so can damage to the ear drum and result in hearing loss. There’s even a warning on the box, and the official statement on the Q-Tip website (Q-Tip is a brand name) says “They also provide the ultimate precision, making them the perfect tool for uses outside your ear.”\More Q-Tip facts: “Q-Tip” is a brand name. The generic name for the product is “cotton-tipped applicator”. The Q in Q-Tip stands for “quality”. Originally the product was called “Baby Gays”
Earwax is the body’s natural protector of the ear canal. A yellowish waxy unpleasant substance, earwax protects the skin of the human ear canal, assists in cleaning and lubrication, and also provides protection from bacteria, fungi, insects and water. But when earwax gets impacted into the ear canal, it can lead to some annoyances and a few flat out problems.
Impacted earwax can block the auditory canal leading to tinnitus - a ringing in the ear noise. . Because of the multitude of head noises, anything that blocks the ear canal lessens incoming noises from the outside environment, and thus increases one’s awareness of the inner movements of fluids and such. Water can also get trapped in the blocked canal creating a swishing sound, particularly on moving the head. Anybody who has experienced this know how unnerving it can be. Earwax can get impacted from using a QTIP to clean the ears.
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