Buying Discount Affordable and Cheap Hearing Aids This article is about helping you buy hearing aids at a Discount or or get you headed in the right direction to buy Affordable Hearing Aids - I would define affordable as being a hearing aid that is within your budget. Some will call any hearing aid "cheap" after getting a $6000 quote from an audiologist. Anything is cheap from there. Why am I offering this? Because I know you are looking at my competitors already. I can help by offering you a few tips to avoid any landmines or dragons.
There are three ways you can get a discount on hearing aids.
1. Go to the audiologist and bargain with them. Ask for a discount - ask for any specials. You know the best way to bargain with an audiologist (or for that matter anyone) is to get a competing offer. Or to get a competing quote. You can do this with car salesman too - they are used to this play.

2. Go to Costco. Without a doubt, Costco has a great hearing aid business. Recent business reports say they are now the largest reseller of hearing aids in the US. The numbers are very good for Costco. Costco has 650 locations in the US, only in dense metropolitan areas, Costco averages 1000 people walking by the hearing aid center every day, 7 days a week, customers that they did not have to spend money on to visit their store - which means they have no advertising costs. And they have deep pockets to go to manufacture to negotiate hearing aid prices. Costco is a formidable competitor for sure. But they are not going to build a Costco in every town in the US of A. The only party losing here is the local audiologist. They are facing the same challenges as mom and pop hardware stores did when Home Depot moved into their town. They offer their private label brand: the Kirkland Signatures Series (which is a Siemens Electone hearing aid), Bernafon (which is Oticon), Resound and Phonak. These are all well known establish brands. These are Great quality products. Financially Sound-Strong Companies. You are going to see prices from $499.99 to $1,499.99 Thier best selling hearing aids are the RICs and their price is $1899.99 for two! This is an awesome price. AWESOME and nearly unbeatable. Every Audiologist with in 50 miles of a costco is pissed off.

3. Go Online. There are two things you need to know about shopping for hearing aids online: 1. I am a little partial to but Shop for hearing aids online. 2. There are literally 100s of hearing aids sellers online. Prices for hearing aid range from $39 to $1000s. But this could be challenge for the hearing aid shopper. You cannot get competing quotes because most sellers offer different labels, different manufacturers, private labels, hearing aids from China, Europe and USA.
A. Before you go online - the very first thing I advise is to download this buyers guide. How to Buy A Hearing Aid On the Internet. This buyers guide will help you navigate the treacherous waters of shopping for a hearing aid on the internet.
B. Go to and type in "hearing aids". You will find hearing companies advertising in 3 different places - see the image below. You will find Century Hearing Aids in here some times. The first one, #1 you will see local companies - local audiologist or companies with deep pockets - because this real estate is, #1 is the most expensive place to advertise. #2. that is for lower priced items - this is just like going to a shopping comparison site. #3 is what is left over for companies that advertise on google. Most of the companies that offer good quality, affordable hearing aids, advertise here. There is no hard and fast rule about this - where companies advertise but it may tell you which companies respect the dollars they spend to advertise.