1. Studies show that people with diabetes are twice as likely to have hearing loss. When broken down by age, one study showed that people age 60 and younger are at greater risk.

2. Cardiovascular and hearing health are linked. Some experts say the inner ear is so sensitive to blood flow that it’s possible that abnormalities in the cardiovascular system could be noted in the hearing system earlier than in other less sensitive parts of the body.

3. Research shows a link between hearing loss and dementia, which leads experts to believe that interventions like hearing aids could potentially delay or prevent dementia. Research is ongoing.

4. Studies show that hearing loss is associated with an increased risk of depression in adults of all ages, but is most pronounced in 18 to 69 year olds. Research also shows that the use of hearing aids reduces symptoms of depression.

5. Researchers have found that sleep apnea is associated with hearing loss at both high and low frequencies. Studies reveal that sleep apnea is a systemic disease that is associated with an increased risk of hearing loss, and a number of other diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. People with sleep apnea should be aware of their potential risk for hearing loss. -

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