Best hearing aids

Old age is unstoppable, as well as the wear and tear of all our senses, mainly the visual and the olfactory, because we use them intrinsically, and today more than ever, due to the use of new technologies, which demand even more from our eyes and ears, such as television, computers and hearing aids for listening to music.
Needless to say, at every moment of our lives, in childhood, adolescence, adulthood or old age we need our senses, and it is also tacit to say that in any of these stages we can present problems, both by genetic factors, factors organic or wear factors.
For these inconveniences that can arise at any moment in our life, there are certain devices, which are ideal to help us survive, because, as we said before, we need all our senses to have a full life, and if we miss one, we must adapt to this lack.
These devices are used to balance the body in our favor, and in the visual case would be the lenses; although in this article we will focus much more on the elements for the ears.
Good listening is paramount, for any misunderstood word, any omitted sound, any noise heard at low frequency could mean the difference between life and death. In addition, we must remember that to speak we must listen, so that even this action becomes a challenge and a problem when we have problem in our auditory sense.
If you have hearing problems, or if you already have a relative - like your grandfather or grandmother - with deficiencies in your ear, you are in the right place, since, in this article we will talk about this gadget of utmost importance and necessity, And also, we will give you a list of various models and brands, which we will compare and tell you the benefits of each of these. So, do not go and read on, because this could change your life, and if you already have a hearing aid and you have damaged or simply want to change model, stay too, because the designs that we present are of excellent quality and style .
At the end of the article you will also learn how to use these devices and some recommendations, as they are very sensitive gadgets that need strenuous care, so that it can last in time.

What is a hearing aid?
A hearing aid is a device designed for the hearing impaired, which is responsible for helping them to listen. It is located in the ear and has adjustments to suit our ear and our lack of reception. Its operation consists in obtaining the sounds in the environment and amplifying them to a certain magnitude (dB), using a modern system that expands the sound waves and makes the person listen to the same as the others.
Generally, the elderly begin to fail of the ears to take a long route around this world, and that is when it is necessary to look for feasible solutions, since, there are no medicines that can recover the auditory sense, only devices that complement and help.

Why buy a hearing aid?
This device helps to receive sound waves and to listen to them at a regulated and stable frequency, so, there is no problem of hearing squeaks or undesirable noises because of the contraption. Also, a hearing aid has no side effects, it will only try to give you all the necessary conditions to hear clearly and concisely the sounds of the environment, of course, as long as you have the hearing aid in the ear. Its batteries are economical and we can remove it from our ear at any time, because its system of grip is efficient and does not merit a meticulous process. Undoubtedly, a hearing aid is an investment, with which you can have your hearing fullness, if it falls for some reason. As a previous recommendation, we advise you to go to the doctor who specializes in this area of the body, ie the otorhinolaryngologist, since using one of them deserves studies, examinations, analysis and an official medical order.

All the models of hearing aids have the same purpose, but, not all use the same force, the same mechanisms or the same results, since, this depends on the make and the model of the product. It is difficult to choose a product when they look alike; however, there are discrepancies that may be fundamental depending on the person and the severity of the problem. Well, so that this is no longer a problem for you, here we will make a top of the best hearing aids in the digital market, comparing them and differentiating them to reach a greater number of answers and knowledge. Under a strenuous and profound analysis, we chose the best hearing aids in the digital market, a difficult selection, but we bring it to your benefit. Next, we will present you model by model and its benefits, and then proceed to compare them with each other, until you find the best and most relevant conclusions.

How does a hearing aid work?
All hearing aids have the same basic parts. For example: in the hearing aid behind the ear, you can observe the microphone, tone hook or ear hook, volume control, on / off switch and battery cover.
We already know a little parts of a hearing aid, now we will know how it works: the microphone picks up the sounds and sends them to an amplifier that amplifies them. Subsequently, the hearing aid will make some sound tones stronger than others, depending on the type of hearing loss. Your audiologist uses the internal controls of the hearing aid or computer programming to adjust the sound to the needs of the patient.
After the sounds are amplified, they go through the ear hook to an ear mold that is made especially for people with this problem. The ear hook is a small piece of plastic that stops the hearing aid over the ear. The ear molds are made from the mold of the user's ear. The ear molds are made of soft materials and fit on the outside of the ear and the ear canal. Ear molds will need to be replaced as your baby grows. When children are small, ear molds may need to be changed every 3-6 months.

What aspects do we take into account?
A hearing aid is a device that will improve our health, so it is an artifact that merits a meticulous choice, and here, a group of specialists in the area of otorhinolaryngology and other experts in Internet sales, plunged into a well full of models of all kinds, with theoretical and empirical knowledge. The most important aspects that we will take into account are the following:

Sound: Sound quality is everything, and if your system does not provide clarity and precision when picking up noises from the outside, a hearing aid is useless, since that is its main function. Therefore, all the artifacts that we present and compare in this article have a very good hearing quality, and only other details remain to define which of your needs and preferences are best adapted to one of the devices.

Comfort: It is not very comfortable to have an artifact in the ear, because we will feel it as a hindrance, it will be like our stone in the shoe, therefore, the comfort and softness of each product will be necessary to enter this top. If it is true that some models will have comfort and offer greater welfare than others, we assure you that everyone has this quality, only in different proportions. So, do not worry about your comfort or the tedium that may cause you to use these devices, because, thanks to the technological advances of the 21st century, this has become in a little detail.

Wide spectrum: If you go out on the street and you have to watch for a conversation - as well as the sound of cars, motorcycles, buses and any kind of urban threats - you must have a multidirectional device, since, if your device can only perceive the noises raised in a sense of the road, you cannot be alert to any event or danger. Therefore, we will look for in this top gadgets with this essential quality, therefore, they must be able to read the sound in several directions, minimum in two.

Technology: Luxury has already become almost a necessity in this new society, since comfort depends on it, and it is comfort that we seek today, which is normal after so many years of wars and world-wide booms. Therefore, in this top, we will give you models with high technological range, although, some are more advanced than others; But we must remember that this does not represent a surplus in all fields, and those neglected fields are those that will cover those devices with average technology.

Management: Efficiency is one of the biggest challenges today, as the world is moving faster and cannot waste so much time. In this case, the issue is not to waste time, it is the possibility to handle the device in an easy way, without going through a complex and poor management. In addition, the social sector that uses this type of devices most is the elderly, therefore, it needs that its operations are clearly simple and notorious.

Duration: Many hearing aid are damaged the first month, and this for its weak capacity of duration, since, its structure is made by materials and its technology is not the best. Therefore, in this article we will only present artifacts with durable and durable features that can serve you for years. It is common that within the same elite there are still some that stand out more than others in this aspect, as can happen in vice versa.

Performance: The essential thing in any electronic device is its performance when working and performing their respective functions, since if they are not rendered in a fluid way, the quality of the product automatically lowers and for more luxury that it possesses, if the technology which is not sustainable and the internal system cannot stand it, you will simply have a luxurious car, excellent body and paint, but stranded due to problems with the engine and brakes, and this is no use.

Having already seen all the aspects that we will analyze in this text, continue to look down from left to right and from top to bottom, that is, in the form of a "Z" and read the description and benefits of the best hearing aids in the market.


The Rosebud SP Premium: The Rosebud SP Premium is one of the best hering aids in the market in general, since its functions and properties are spectacular. It is designed for people with moderate to severe hearing loss, ie their deficit should be in the range of 22-82%. Its Maximun Output is 133 dB and has dual direction, which will offer the highest sound quality to any direction, and also has excellent reception mechanisms, so that it brings the sound to your brain in the best way.
Benefits: If you have a moderate or severe hearing loss, you can have a device with a sound amplification good enough to pick up the sounds in the environment, clearly, as if you were using your ears naturally, only they are a small device in the ear, which weighs practically nothing and also has an aerodynamic and efficient design, which does not cause any discomfort when using this gadget. You do not have to worry about any discomfort, because when you listen to your environment in a clear and clear way, you will only pay attention with great pleasure to these "musical notes".

Best Ear Pro: Subtle and with excellent modalities, this product can be defined, which is based on a system that adapts to 4 different environments, and therefore, can absorb the strident noise, and automatically tune the background sound, which is the articulation. Forget the interpreters on television or set the volume to 100, as this is no longer necessary because you can listen in the best way with this device, which picks up sounds in multiple directions. This hearing aid is designed to help you hear the voices of the voices of women and children, you do not have to worry about the look or attention that will attract the Best Ear Pro in your ear, because it is not showy to the naked eye, Although closely if it is easily perceptible.
Benefits: You can go out to the street, listen to speeches, conferences, church, a soccer game, parties, in short, you can go places where there are loud scandals and many voices, and despite that, you can enjoy The occasion, due to the automatic adjustments that own the Best Ear Pro, which has excellent applications. In addition, you can order this device in two colors: beige and silver.

Best Ear Basic: This hearing aid is one of the lowest priced in relation to its functions because it is made for people with moderate and severe hearing impairments and has an open fit. Its properties consist of a system that manages to capture the sounds of the environment with great precision and clarity. The circuit is located on the outside of the hearing aid and is high frequency, so it is designed for people with a deficit range of 22% to 82%. There is no hearing aid more discreet and imperceptible than the Best Ear Basic, since its design is ergonomic and fits the best way to your ear, and is so effective that it is not easily visible and does not generate the feeling of filling in the ear, because it does not hold ear molds, in a nutshell, is super light and will not be easily seen. This model is very effective, because with a single button, you can switch between 4 memories and achieve a much quieter adjustment or a noisier setting while using the phone and listening to music, all depending on the situation and what we are looking for . In addition, there is another control button that will play an indispensable function, and you can do it in an extra simple, this utility is to control the volume, which is located in the middle of the device, for better access. Its processor is great because it has 12 bands, which will amplify specific frequencies where you need more volume, something that will serve you a lot in conferences and conversations. The Best Ear Basic has 4 channels, which turn on the intensity control, something that limits the sound to a certain level, and avoid undesirable chirps.
Benefits: You will recover the sounds that had disappeared because of the problems of the years, and if you have problems from birth, you will listen as you never thought you heard. You can modulate the volume of your device, so you have no problem when talking to different people, because, there are people who talk much harder than others, and sometimes their tone also influences the sound pickup by a hearing Aid. The Best Ear Basic will give you ecstatic sounds, since never listening was as pleasurable as with the Best Ear Basic.
Like its "big brother" - the Best Ear Pro -, this device comes in two colors, which you can choose to your liking. These are: beige / silver.

The Audition AD: This model is one of the most sought and bought for the simple reason of having an ergonomic and light design. It is a hearing aid with state-of-the-art technology and also has an aerodynamic size, which does not cause discomfort behind your ear, this design is Open-Fit, and incorporates a fit that fits any direction, as it has 2 microphones / receivers, this system is called adaptive directionality. This system constantly monitors different listening environments and is able to automatically adjust for optimum and efficient benefit. The Audition AD is an open hearing digital hearing aid, which has the ability to offer you first-class hearing performance. You do not need to look under the rocks to find a miracle that solves your hearing problems, so look better on the internet, we make sure you find the best designs, with the best price and the highest durability. It should be noted that the Audition AD features a personalized adjustment, automatic volume control, two memories and excellent comfort. In addition, its design is smooth, soft featherlight design, which provides advanced technology and no occlusion for sublime performance.
Benefits: Among the advantages that the Audition AD offers you, we can first name the clarity of the sounds, the automatic adjustment of the volume and the frequency, what will be that you will be able to have a full and normal life, with a device which will not cause discomfort in your ear. In addition, at the beginning all hearing aid is somewhat annoying, just as strangers, necklaces, rings and others are strange when we use them for the first time; Nevertheless, later we use them without feeling them, as if they adhered to our body and became part of it.

The Audition SP Basic: If your hearing loss is in the range of 22% to 82%, this is your ideal hearing aid, since the Audition SP Basic has a high power, which is needed by conscious consumers with moderate or severe damage. The Audition SP Basic contains "3 Trim Pots", which allows the user an automatic adjustment, very useful so that you do not have to be modulating the device at any time. In addition, the Audition SP Basic includes in its Powerful Telecoil implements, which is nothing more than a small coil of wire around a core, which will induce an electric current in the coil when in the presence of a changing magnetic field. This device is very useful because it also captures magnetic signals, not just sonic waves. In turn, this coil eliminates feedback when you put the phone near the hearing aid, as many hearing aid form a magnetic interference with the phone, causing the ear to click. This heraing aid is located behind the ear and contain enough strength to handle the daily wear, in addition, can save energy, so the battery will have an exceptional duration.
Benefits: It is worth mentioning the benefits that this device will give you, but if we have to list them, we would start with the capacity that you will have to listen to the slightest sound that is aroused in the environment, due to its high frequency. To make matters worse, magnetic signals will no longer be a problem, because when these types of devices have interference with electronic devices, irritating squeaks are generated in the ear, but with the Powerful Telecoil there will be no problem with this, since this Tool will perfectly modulate the magnetic frequencies.

Audition Platinum: This hearing aid is Open-Fit type, that is, it is placed behind the ear. It is a digital haering aid with microphones possessing an adaptive directionality and also possess a manual volume control. One of the peculiarities of this model is its elegance, since it has very fine details, an exuberant color, and patent pending contours created to facilitate its use and performance. In addition, this was done so that you can wear it behind your ear. One of the new qualities of this model is its innovative and unique Digital Volume Control Scroll, what's new? It uses a very smooth and easy-to-adjust slide roller for those with a somewhat limited dexterity. In addition, the Audition Platinum contains a new push-button memory switch, very easy to locate and operate. One of the wonders and innovations of the Audition Platinum is that it comes with triple-transpiration-proof, which has three layers of protection, this leads you to have greater resistance to eventual impacts and avoid stifling your ear. In turn, this hearing aid also possesses an automatic Telecoil and additional Bluetooh. Another sublime feature of this device is its durability, this product of using a 312 batteries, which guarantees a very long life. This elegant design can be purchased in any of these colors: black / beige / silver.
Benefits: With this device listening will never be a problem, in fact, your listening will be identical to that of a person who has his skills to 100%, with the difference that you will use a tiny device in your ear, either in the left or right. You can go anywhere accompanied by your Audition Platinum and enjoy the sounds of nature, as well as the din of the city, without having in your ear squeaks, but natural sounds.

We have already seen all the models we have selected, and you have read their best features. Now, we will present a series of "duels" in an "all against all", which will help you to decide in any given case that you have been undecided between two options. How will we do the comparisons? Then we will take each of the models already mentioned and described, and we will compare them one by one, and against each other. We hope that with these similarities you can reach the best possible conclusion to choose your purchase.

The Rosebud SP Premium vs Best Ear Pro
The Rosebud SP Premium has certain similarities with the Best Ear Pro, as both have the ability to adjust the frequency of sounds depending on the situation, and in turn, have double direction. In addition, both devices contain high frequency modulators, which is a very good relationship between them. However, the Rosebud SP Premium has a maximum volume of 133 dB, something the Best Ear Pro lacks, why? Because the first is for people with severe or moderate deficiencies, while the second was designed only for moderate and mild damage, this does not make it better or worse, they simply both have to cope and adapt different needs. Remember that each model fulfills the same function, but in different ways, for example, Rosebud works automatically and Best Ear Pro does it manually, and although it seems that if the system is much better, the system is not much better. It is, because this can produce some inconveniences, since, it does not depend entirely on us, but of a machine.

The Rosebud SP Premium vs Best Ear Basic
Both the Rosebud SP Premium and the Best Ear Basic have the specialized ability to serve people with moderate to severe damage, perhaps the most important feature they have in common. However, there is a tremendous difference between the two when we talk about designs and sizes, because the Best Ear Basic has greater ergonomics, due to its extremely small and comfortable size, which will not even make you feel a feeling of filling in the interior Of the ear. On the other hand the Rosebud SP Premium is of a slightly larger size, although, this gives you floor contain a power of 133 dB, greater than the Best Ear Basic.

The Rosebud SP Premium vs The Audition AD
The Rosebud SP Premium is characterized by a power that reaches any sound practically, that is to say, big and small sounds you will be able to listen them with great clarity. The Audition AD does not have many implements with first technology, because, like the Rosebud SP Premium, its design is simple, and has an excellent performance, so, we ensure a long life with your new friend. In addition, both models have a dual steering system, which ensures a sound fed from several angles. In short, both designs have simple qualities, but in turn, contain everything you need to give you a clear and clear sound, as well as great comfort.

The Rosebud SP Premium vs The Audition SP Basic
The Rosebud SP Premium and Audition SP have powers for people with moderate or severe deficits, between 22% and 82%. This means that in power they have certain similarities, however, the technology of the Audition SP is much more advanced, although some fulfill the same function as the Audition SP comes with "3 Trim Pots", that allows the users a " Self-tuning "of hearing aid. However, this also has the Rosebud SP Premium, but with a slightly less efficient operation. In addition, the Audition SP contains the Powerful Telecoil, which incorporates a magnetic wave detector, which is responsible for avoiding interference with other electronic devices such as televisions, sound equipment, radios, and cell phones and so on. In spite of this, the 133 dB of the Rosebud SP Premium level it, since it is greater than the Audition SP.

The Rosebud SP Premum vs The Audition Premium
The comparison between these two tycoons of the audition world is based mainly on the technology arsenal and the security provided by the two, therefore, while the Rosebud SP Premium is a slightly more traditional and safe model, Audition Premium uses the technology as an efficient factor, creating greater comfort for the product carrier. Nonetheless, this does not mean that a more ergonomic design will lead to higher quality, since this will only create comfort. It is a matter of preference and necessity as well, since, the Rosebud works mainly with people with damages ranging from 22-82%, that is, between moderate and severe.

Best Ear Pro vs Best Ear Basic
Both are from the same family; nevertheless, have different functions, since one handles people with severe and moderate hearing deficits, the other is responsible for regulating sounds that are not uniform, and also has the ability to adapt to a set of noises, and to perceive or tune the background sound, which is useful for events of great social presence. The first that we name is the Best Ear Basic, while the second is the Best Ear Pro. The big difference that involves these two models is that the Basic ensures a better hearing for people with severe damages, meanwhile the Pro helps people with mild and moderate damage. It can also help people with severe hearing impairments; but not as efficiently as Basic. Also, the Basic has more number of auditory channels, which help to control the intensity of sounds like the cellular and the music of any device.

Best Ear Pro vs The Audition AD
The Best Ear Pro and the Audition AD are excellent models, perhaps each with different properties, but an essential hearing aid for your ears. First, the Best Ear Pro is manually operated, while Audition AD is automatic. Let's see, let's remember the pro and the contra of this modality. The automatic has the advantage of doing all the work, since it will tune the frequencies in the most clear and suitable way possible, but, it has as a disadvantage the possibility of some error in the system at some time, which can cause a loud noise, which causes us an undesirable sensation. On the other hand, when the mode is manual, there is the advantage of handling the frequency ourselves, so it will be difficult to make mistakes once the practice is reached, but the disadvantage is that you will have to be more aware of the device during the day. The great advantage of the Best Ear Pro in terms of this manual function is that you can tune in what you really want among many voices and sounds, look for the frequency as well as when you search for a radio station by pressing the buttons or turning the control.

Best Ear Pro vs The Audition SP
The Best Ear Pro is characterized by a sublime condition, which is to tune perfectly between a large number of sounds, something very effective when we watch television and we must do other things in the house, such as cooking, washing, sewing and so on.
The Audition SP Basic has a high volume intensity, much stronger than the Best Ear Pro, a condition that becomes more beneficial depending on the level of hearing damage that a person has. The Audition technology is a little more advanced, or at least it has more sumptuous details, since, while the Best Ear Pro has a more simple and objective design, the Audition SP contains in its body "3 Trim Pots", that allow To the user automatic adjustment, and the Powerful Telecoil that adds a magnetic function to the device, stripping the person of the problems of interference that normally arise in the impact of waves with other electronic devices.

Best Ear Pro vs Audition Premium
There may not be a hearing aid with technology as innovative as the Audition Premium, because if we go over the luxuries that it has found: Digital Scroll Volume Control, triple-transpiration-proof with three layers of protection, Telecoil Automatic and Bluetooth. On the other hand, the Best Ear has a perfectly fit for 4 environments, while the Audition Premium only has directional receivers. One of the most important and peculiar similarities between these two devices is in their volume control, which in both is manual, an important feature, a little more conservative, because you will have the ability to get accustomed to the device and adjust its volume to where You want, because sometimes the automatic controls do not adapt as they want the user.

Best Ear Basic vs The Audition AD
The Best Ear Basic has the power of an excellent sound amplifier, because it has a very high dB power, almost similar to the Rosebud SP Premium. The Audition AD system is adaptive directional, with 2 microphones / receivers, something that also owns the Best Ear Basic, so that both have mechanisms to receive noises from several directions with the same sound frequency, without leaving any point dead . The big difference between these two devices is the number of memories they have both, since the Best Ear Basic doubles its amount, because it has 4 and the Audition has 2. Both have ergonomic designs, comfortable and soft, for the greater well-being of customers. It should be noted that both functions include automatic adjustments, so it is ideal for walking around the street without thinking about listening well to each sound.

Best Ear Basic vs The Audition SP Basic
The Best Ear Basic is ideal for people with moderate and severe hearing impairments, as well as Audition SP Basic, which helps these same types of people. Among their similarities we find that both use an automatic operation; But if we go to their tools we can also get the Audition SP has many more, as it contains excellent tools such as "3 Trim Pots" and Powerful Telecoil, whose functions we described frequently in this article. In spite of these differences, both are meticulous models, which are in charge of providing an excellent comfort that derives in our greater comfort during the day.

Best Ear Basic vs The Audition Premium
Like the previous comparison, one of these two candidates has a greater number of innovative implements, such as Audition Premium, which contains: Digital Scroll Volume Control, Telecoil, triple-transpiration-proof and Bluetooh. Undoubtedly, they are tools that provide luxury and comfort to users; however, the Best Ear Basic also contains excellent elements, perhaps not luxury, but a lot of efficiency and performance, such as the case of having four memories for a silent adjustment, a 12-band processor and a total of 4 channels of hearing. So, you can decide between the two models, which are discrepant between the two.

The Audition AD vs The Audition SP
The performance of the Audition AD is its main weapon, because, multiple tools such as automatic control, custom fit and featherlight design, which provides a solemn comfort, with which you will not feel the device in your ear. On the other hand, innovation and efficiency are the main allies of the Audition SP, since its implements, such as the "3 Trim Pots" and Powerful Telecoil. So, it is a question of efficiency or efficacy, of which both qualifications have advantages and disadvantages.
It should be noted that the Audition AD could give you more time, while the Audition SP Basic could offer you better performance and more comfort.

The Audition AD vs Audition Premium
These two are models of the same brand; but, they have notable discrepancies, and, in turn, showy similarities. Adaptive directionality and custom settings, these are similar elements, while there are differences when we analyze some aspects such as volume control, which in Audition AD is automatic and Audition Premium. Both models have ergonomic designs that fit the ear of each user and are not so colorful. In addition, they offer perfect comfort for the device holder, something very important. The Audition Premium contains more technological implements, while the Audition AD is a little simpler, having the most necessary tools to its credit.

The Audition SP vs Audition Premium
These two models are the ones that have the greatest technological innovation, because, their latest generation advances promote something that goes beyond a good sound and comfort, therefore, you will listen to 100%, without any problems, unless , Of course, will deteriorate over time. Both have the technology of the Powerful Telecoil, which, as we said before, perceives the magnetic signals in a harmonious way, without falling into strident interference, which only cause us small moments of pain. The most notable difference between the two devices lies in their total functioning, since the Audition SP has an automatic system in its totality, called "3 Trim Pots", while the Audition Premium can be modulated and controlled manually, so that we adjust the sound and its intensity to our liking.These two provide you with an excellent comfort and, in turn, a clear sound plus an acceptable performance.Indeed, the Audition SP Basic and the Audition Premium are perhaps the two most luxurious artifacts in The whole list, because those are their main skills.

We were able to observe an enormous amount of variety between tools and technology when we looked at all the models. We see from the best performance and duration to the faster and automated operation, perhaps a little of every taste. The variety can be found if we start to highlight the most relevant and positive points of each device. You can start by talking about the Audition SP's Telecoil technology and the Audition Premium, or the 133 dB Rosebud SP Premium, or the 4 Best Ear Basic memories, or the manual and effective tuning of the Best Ear Pro, or Audition AD comfortable and safe design, with its featherlight design. In short, everyone has points for and against, because, in the end, there is none perfect, and there is no one unusable, everyone has faculties that will adapt to our tastes.

You already have the comparison of all the models selected in this meticulous list, it is only on your part to choose that model that adapts more to your needs and preference. Remember that everyone has the same function; however, the design, benefits and different details can make the difference between buying one and buying another. In this analysis we do not handle prices to avoid confusing the meaning of value with price.
It does not matter if you are a child, young, adult or old, listening will always be a priority, and while we can do it with an assistant device we must take this opportunity, since, there are people in the world cannot hear anything, so neither even a gadget like these can help you. Therefore, do not be discouraged for not picking up sounds clearly and accurately, no, feel lucky to still have the possibility to listen in the best way with an assistant, which in this case is a hearing aid.
Technology has advanced to such an extent that our own senses can be replaced by it, something that many years ago was totally absurd and impossible to achieve. The digital and technological era does not stop and it advances by leaps and bounds, therefore, we must take advantage of these new benefits offered by this new era, plagued by artificial intelligence and special alternative medicine, because there are even more astonishing examples, since, If we run out of legs, the technology can also support us with artificial robotic legs, which can connect with our nerves directly to get to use them as if they were part of us. At first the feeling is completely strange, it is difficult to digest and experience; nonetheless, with practice we will make such a device part of our body, every cell of our organism. The same happens with hearing aids, which will be your ears for the rest of your life, or at least until a miracle happens and this problem is healed, something scientifically improbable.

How is a hearing aid used? Some recommendations
You will put it from the morning, since, at night it is advisable to turn it off and remove the battery, to save energy. An important detail is that hearing aids are not water resistant, so you cannot bathe with one, and you cannot wash your face with this device over our ear, so be careful. Another important point is to keep an extra battery with us in case the hearing aid runs out of battery.
There is a mode that gets too much, because, many times a person buys only a hearing aid, that is, only one ear, and leaves the other without the device. In most cases this is a mistake, and not because it listens more than one side of the other, no, it is because we must remember that in the ears lies the balance of our body, therefore, when there is many more frequency and intensity in one ear than in the other, an imbalance arises that makes users feel dizzy, bad and with some headaches. Then, given this explanation, we can conclude that it is advisable to buy the two hearing aids, left side and right side, and if you have greater deafness on one side, you can modulate the volume frequency depending, increasing more by one than in the other, to compensate for the question of equilibrium.
A very important aspect is the hygiene of the product, since, being a device vulnerable to water, it needs a meticulous cleaning. If the appliance is a pacifier, we must remove this implement and wash it, as you would wash your hands with soap, then shake it, and then leave it dry, recommended at night.

How is the maintenance of a hearing aid?
The big problem that arises with these hearing aids, is that they are tiny apparatuses, reason why, to take care of it is a meticulous task, which deserves of a total attention. It is difficult to fix an apparatus of these, because of its miniature body. There is no specialist in the arrangement of these devices, so if it is broken down, it is most likely and advisable to buy a new one. If you take good care of yourself and purchase a brand name device and good material like the ones illustrated in this article, hearing aid care will depend on you alone.
The most common problems that arise in a hearing aid is that the part of the cap is plugged with an earwax, that the battery is exhausted, that it falls to the ground or gets wet. In the first case we only need to clean the pacifier, in the second we must buy a new battery and in the last two cases it is difficult to find a solution, because it is almost impossible, and they are very sensitive devices, which if we do not care can easily be damaged.
There is no standard duration for the duration of a hearing aid, as this will depend on our care, since it can last from a few months to several years. The problem that you will have to solve is the one of the pile, they are already downloaded quickly, so, if you have the opportunity you can buy several immediately, since, you will have to go to the store constantly.

Give music to a loved one's life!
How much we love our grandparents and parents! They deserve the best without a doubt, and although they are not the best in everything, they will always be important people in our lives, because because of them we are who we are, thanks to these people we were born.
At a considerable age, the auditory sense begins to emanate flaws, which prevents our life is the same as always, because, our ears deteriorate over time, then, just as the eyes need lenses, as bones need calcium extra, as muscles need extra vitamin, ears deserve hearing aids, prosthetics perfect for hearing better and in the most effective way.
It does not matter if it is on a special day or not, you can give a hearing aid to a loved family, whether your grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, father, mother, among others; and you will give music to their lives, to their souls, to their hearts, since, after not being able to hear a word properly, to hear everything again clearly is like listening to a melody of Beethoven or Mozart. Some say, "where there is color there is life", because I can also say that "where there is music there is life", and we check it when our day can change with a simple song.
Just imagine the reaction of that loved one to the moment of feeling that he listens just like a few years ago or the same as a few months ago, without doubt, that moment of emotion will be indescribable. In addition, this will bring you a new life, a normal life and with the same possibilities and qualities as the others.
On the other hand, it is not only the elderly who can suffer from hearing impairments, and therefore need hearing aids, since there are a large number of children born with these problems from birth, who have never heard of it naturally and normal the sounds of the world. To these creatures that they should want to listen just like their friends and companions, they could also be given these devices, and if the excitement and joy is great in an elderly person, only imagine the reaction in an infant, who have very much feelings more sensitive and intense in terms of their surprises in life.
In short, a device of these can bring music to all hearts devoid of this feeling so beautiful.