Outstanding customer service, the latest technology and a dedication to excellence make Amplicom the leader in amplified telephones. So choose the best, and hear every conversation loud and clear!

Audex, Inc:
The company has evolved into one of the most innovative and respected providers of infrared, magnetic induction listening devices and telephones for hearing impaired people in the United States.

Bellman & Symfon AB:
A wide range of hearing products including: Fire safety solutions, Home alerting solutions, Listening systems for doorbells and telephones, Personal amplifiers

Customizable Visual Alerting System for deaf and hard of hearing users.

Harris Communications:
Products include the following: Assistive listening devices, Emergency alarms, Hearing aid accessories, Hearing protection, Loop systems, Personal amplifiers, Telephones

Welcome to ClearSounds, a passionate, women-owned, family company with 30+ years dedicated to advanced sound technology. We specialize in powerful amplified phones, Bluetooth headsets, amplified neckloops, mobile accessories and listening systems for people with hearing loss and those looking for a remarkable listening experience. ClearSounds is the leading developer of highly advanced devices for the hearing impaired for the home, the office, and on the road. We create, design, produce, and manufacture all of our own products. Our commitment to having Massive Positive Impact continues beyond the sale of a product. We believe in the Golden Rule and that respect & kindness, care & support are not marketing tools - it is simply the only acceptable way to treat a customer.

With 5 decades of experience designing and manufacturing Telecommunications Equipment Geemarc Telecom is the natural choice for your Specialised communication Equipment. The Geemarc Clearsound range of Assistive Listening Devices now has over 80 products and is the largest variety of Assistive Products available today under one roof.

Krown Manufacturing
Krown Manufacturing, Inc. and Compu-TTY, Inc. carry a wide variety of hearing impaired products including: Alarm clocks, Amplified telephone, Telephone signaler, TTY devices, Wireless emergency alerting devices

Phonic Ear
Phonic Ear is a Danish-owned company that is part of William Demant Holding A/S (WDH) and has over 100 years experience in the hearing and sound business. The WDH concern consists of a number of internationally focused companies, including Oticon A/S – one of the world leaders in the hearing aid business. Assistive listening devices and assistive listening systems.

Serene Innovations, Inc:
Products include the following: Alerting notification systems, Amplified phones, Clocks & watches, Hearing aid care, Landline amplifier, Personal amplifier, Ringer / Flasher and TV listening

SilentCall Communications:
|Visual & Tactile Alerts for people who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing: Alerting systems for people who are deaf and hard of hearing, Alerting systems for seniors, Deaf blind alerting devices, Deaf products, Hard of hearing products, Smoke detectors for the deaf / hard of hearing, Weather alerting devices for people who are deaf and hard of hearing

Sonic Alert:
Specialized hearing solutions for the hard of hearing: Alarm clocks, Amplified phones, Listening devices, Signalling devices

Ultratec has been working to make telephone access more convenient and reliable for people with hearing loss. Today, our equipment is recognized worldwide as the standard for excellence in text telecommunications. Telephones that display captions of everything the caller is saying. Text telephones, simplicity signalers and amplified phones.