BUFFALO, N.Y. -- More than 190 Buffalo firefighters have joined thousands of firefighters across the country in suing siren makers over damage to their hearing.
BFDPATCH.jpgBuffalo Fire Department

About 20 lawsuits filed in state court were moved to federal court in Buffalo a week ago. In the lawsuits, 193 individuals follow in the footsteps of employees of fire departments in at least five other states who have sued siren makers. The firefighters since 1999 have claimed hearing loss from repeated exposure to sirens in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Missouri, New Jersey, Maryland and New York.Each plaintiff alleges that he was "seriously injured" and "suffered permanent and irreversible hearing loss."
Plaintiffs' attorney Marc Bern told The Buffalo News the sirens are too loud.
In a response Friday, lawyers for siren makers said they were not at fault.