The Ultimate Guide to Over the Counter Hearing Aid Solutions
If conversations are becoming harder to follow and going out in public with friends and family is becoming difficult due to hearing loss, you are not alone. According to Mayo Clinic, 25% of people ages 55-64 and nearly 50% of people over 65 suffer from some degree of hearing loss. For some, hearing loss simply means certain sounds and speech might become harder to understand. However, for many hearing loss might mean having to ask people to repeat themselves more than once or a constant ringing in their ears.

If you suffer from hearing loss at any stage you understand that hearing loss can be debilitating and disheartening. Not only are symptoms of hearing loss difficult to deal with, but the cost and process to get a hearing aid device can be overwhelming as well. When you go through a doctor to get a hearing device that has been prescribed by an audiologist, the cost for the device can range anywhere from $1500-$3000. This cost does not include the regular replacement of batteries either.

The good news is there is an alternative to hearing devices that require a plethora of doctors appointments and an endless flow of cash--over the counter hearing aids. Over the Counter (OTC) hearing aids. Manufactured and sold by private companies, Over the Counter Hearing Aids are an affordable and reputable option for a majority of people who suffer from hearing loss.

In 2017 a bill was introduced and signed that made Over the Counter Hearing Aids available to everyone without making an appointment with an audiologist. The breakthrough bill also put regulations in place to protect consumers who purchase Over the Counter Hearing Aids. These regulations state that there must be reasonable assurances of safety with each device, outline appropriate labeling requirements, and describe the requirements for sale of hearing aids online.

Today, you can find Over the Counter Hearing Aids for $99-$1500 online. Furthermore, you are able to order them without an appointment with an audiologist, complicated prescription, or costly fitting. For many people, and maybe even you, Over the Counter Hearing Aids are the answer to improving both small and severe symptoms of hearing loss.

Thanks to the Over the Counter Hearing Aid Act of 2017, OTC hearing aids are a highly trusted form of aid for hearing loss. People who suffer from all degrees of hearing loss and of various backgrounds choose to purchase OTC hearing aids because of their accessibility and affordability. However, many people still have questions about how to purchase OTC hearing aids, what features to look for, which styles are the best, and how to know which brand is right for them. If you are one of those people, we have the answers to those questions that will help guide your OTC hearing aid buying experience.

Over the Counter Hearing Aid Styles

Before you even begin buying Over the Counter Hearing Aids, you should have an idea of what type of hearing aid you would like to purchase. Many different styles are available to fit many different needs and preferences and knowing which is right for you will help you to be happy with your OTC hearing aid purchase long-term.

In the Ear Hearing Aids

Perhaps the most popular hearing aid solution, in the ear hearing aids are hearing aids that fit into the outer portion of the ear and can be easily controlled by manipulating a few buttons. Many people choose in the ear hearing aids because they are a discreet solution to hearing loss that is simple to put on and take off throughout the day. Many hearing aid companies offer different sizes of in the ear hearing aids so you are able to choose which will fit best and be most comfortable for your ear.

Invisible in the Canal Hearing Aids

Invisible in the canal hearing aids are a newer hearing aid design that many people who suffer from hearing loss are interested in purchasing. These hearing aids are virtually invisible to the naked eye and are a favorite of many for that reason. Furthermore, invisible in the ear hearing aids seem to be subject to less feedback than other hearing aid styles. One of the only downsides to invisible in the canal hearing aids is some users find they are more complicated to insert and remove than other solutions.

Behind the Ear Hearing Aids

When you think of hearing aids, chances are you think of the classic over the ear style that, for a long time, was the only option available. Behind the ear hearing aids have a receiver that is placed on the outside of the ear and small tubing that is placed inside of the ear. These hearing aids, although they are the most noticeable, are often the first choice for many individuals because they are easy to use, Furthermore, because they fit on the outside of the ear there are less fitting issues than with other styles.

These styles of hearing aids are the most popular styles available through over the counter brands.

What to Look for in an Over the Counter Hearing Aids

Now you have had the opportunity to learn about the different styles of over the counter hearing aids available and decide which might be the best fit for you, it is important to understand the different features you will want to look for in each brand. Understanding these features will aid you in choosing an over the counter hearing aid that will be the most comfortable and most effective for you.

Comfortable Ear Hook

If you are choosing a behind the ear style of over the counter hearing aid, you will want to be sure to read reviews regarding the fit and comfort of the ear hook. Many people who have never worn hearing aids before are surprised at the time it might take to get used to the feeling of a hearing aid on your ear. However, if you choose an OTC hearing aid that offers a comfortable ear hook, your adjustment time will likely be much shorter than those who do not. Some valuable tips you can use are to look for ear hooks that are covered instead of bare plastic and to be aware of sizing when ordering a hearing aid with a hook.

Functional On/Off Switch

For many people, ease of use is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a hearing aid. They want to be able to work it without complications or frustration. Therefore, one of the most sought-after features in OTC hearing aids is an easily accessible on/off switch. If the on/off switch is easily accessible, operating the device discreetly is possible and also saves on battery life.

Long Battery Life

The unfortunate reality of hearing aids is that they have to be powered by something. Many hearing aids that are prescribed by audiologists require costly batteries that have to be replaced regularly. However, over the counter hearing aids often offer a rechargeable battery that does not need to be replaced as often, simply recharged every night. If you are looking for an over the counter hearing aid, look for an option that offers a long battery life (and read the reviews)! You don’t want to have to worry about your hearing aid battery dying while you are at work, out with your friends, or in the middle of an important conversation.

Of course, there are other features you may want to consider when purchasing over the counter hearing aids. Some of them may include an extended warranty, service plan, free shipping, and good business rating. It is likely you will be using your hearing aids for a long time (perhaps the rest of your life) and if you are happy with the company you choose, it is more likely you will be happy with the hearing aids you purchase.

Over the Counter Hearing Aid Brands

If you search over the counter hearing aid brands on Google, chances are you will be overwhelmed by the number of choices available to you. But, just remember, choices are not necessarily a bad thing! There are a number of reputable companies available, here are a few favorites you can use to start your search.

Kirkland Signature

Kirkland is a popular brand known all across the country for being available at Costco stores. Kirkland offers everything from chicken stock to comforters and now, even over the counter hearing aids. But, just because Kirkland seems like an unlikely brand to offer a hearing solution doesn’t mean their solution is bad. In fact, Kirkland Signature hearing aids are some of the most popular over the counter hearing aids on the market.

When you shop at Costco for your Kirkland Signature hearing aids, you get access to a myriad of other services offered to make your purchasing experience easier. Free hearing screenings, product demonstrations, free tests, free follow-up appointments, and free warranties are all come along with your purchase.

Kirkland Signature hearing aids can be purchased in a variety of styles and at a variety of price-points. Some of the most popular styles include open fit, behind the ear, Bluetooth capable, and in the ear options. The most recent Kirkland style, the Kirkland Signature 8.0 is available for $1599.00 per pair with accessories. At this price point, Kirkland brand is much more affordable than the majority of prescription brands available through an audiologist and just as effective.

Audicus Hearing Aids

Audicus is a reputable hearing aid brand with great reviews and a top-notch track record. Currently, Audicus offers one hearing aid, the Audicus Clara which is an in the ear receiver hearing aid that is designed to improve your hearing no matter where you are. Although the Clara has a processor that sits on the back of the ear, this over the counter hearing aid offers a sleek design that is discreet.

Some features Audicus offers that current customers enjoy include a 45-day free trial, 1-year warranty, expert customer service, and free US shipping. You can easily find what level of hearing aid you need by taking the online hearing test Audicus offers. Furthermore, Audicus offers accessories that make owning hearing aids much easier. Some of the accessories a charging dock and remote which make owning and operating Audicus hearing aids easier than owning and operating other brands.

Aside from the superficial accessories and features, Audicus also offers functional features that set their brand apart from the rest. Digital signal processing is one of the unique features many customers love. This feature allows the device to become customized to the user’s exact hearing loss and focus in on sounds and parts of speech that might be difficult for them to hear instead of simply amplifying an entire conversation or room full of noises. And, the best part about Audicus is the price. Each unit starts at $699 but can be split into affordable payments for those who can’t cover the upfront cost.


EmbraceHearing is a company that focuses on quality, affordable products that offer the best solution on the market. Because they are constantly investing in new technology, EmbraceHearing stays up-to-date with top-of-the-line products. Unlike other over the counter hearing aid companies, Embrace Hearing does require an exam by a hearing doctor (audiologist) before you are able to purchase a hearing aid off of their site. However, once you have obtained your hearing exam and prescription ordering your hearing aids from EmbraceHearing is relatively simple.

Depending on your individual needs, Embrace offers three different styles of hearing aids you are able to choose from. There is two receiver in the canal and one invisible in canal option available. On the Embrace website, you are able to use their style chart to help you decide which hearing aid solution might be best for you. Each style not only offers a different level of support, but also different features that may appeal to buyers as well.

Prices for hearing aids from EmbraceHearing start at $699/ear and increase from there. If that price is not affordable, there are payment plan options to make their hearing aids more accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, with EmbraceHearing there are not as many perks like free shipping or free maintenance like with other companies. However, many Embrace customers find that the quality of the product they receive from Embrace is worth losing some of those additional perks.

Century Hearing Aids

Century Hearing Aids is a reputable company offering two different styles of over the counter hearing aids that have been recognized by many large companies and media outlets. The two products they offer are in the ear hearing aids and behind the ear hearing aids. Each of the designs is ready to wear the moment you receive it in the mail and has been specially tailored to provide speech enhancement, feedback cancellation and some of the lowest prices on the market. Costs for Century Hearing Aids start at $499 per ear and vary depending on the type of features or customizations your device has.

Those who order from Century Hearing Aids receive a lot of beneficial perks. Some of the most popular perks include free shipping, a free one year warranty, and a 90-day money back guarantee. Furthermore, if you purchase your hearing aids from Century, you do not need to have an exam from an audiologist, although if you do have one it might help you choose the hearing aid device that is the best for you.

MD Hearing Aid

MD Hearing is a company that offers multiple hearing aid solutions for individuals who suffer from hearing loss. On their website, you will find descriptions of the three different behind the ear hearing aid styles they offer with a comprehensive chart outlining what features each design offers. All of the hearing aids on MD Hearing Aid have been FDA approved and tested by a licensed audiologist, yet their prices are significantly lower than any prices you will find when purchasing prescription hearing aids. The lowest price offered by MD is $399 for a device with a payment plan option that can be used to divide the upfront cost into more affordable payments.

Some of the best features offered by MD Hearing are free shipping, 45-day free trial, and always available support team. If you are looking for proof that these hearing aids have been tested and approved, you can find a large number of positive customer reviews on the MD Hearing Aid website.


LumiEar is a company that is breaking through offering only invisible in the canal hearing aid devices. Because of this offering, LumiEar is popular among people who are looking for the most discreet hearing aid option available. The hearing aid devices offered by LumiEar are extremely affordable at one of the lowest price points on the market--$99. Because the price is so low, LumiEar is the perfect option for people who are just beginning to experience the symptoms of hearing loss but aren’t sure they want to commit to buying a more expensive hearing aid device. Free shipping, a 30-day money back guarantee, and reliable customer service are some of the features current LumiEar customers love about the product.


Phonak is a simple online company that offers consumers the opportunity to take control of their hearing through the purchase of one of their three different hearing aid devices. The styles Phonak offers are all behind the ear styles with different capabilities to assist individuals with different hearing loss needs. To determine which Phonak hearing aid style you will need you can get a test from an audiologist or take the free online hearing test offered on their website. In addition to being available online, you can also find an expert in a store like Costco who can help you choose the Phonak hearing aid that his right for you.


Although ReSound Hearing Aids aren’t available online, they are still reputable, over the counter hearing aid company that provides hearing aid solutions for many people. ReSound hearing aids are available at a wide variety of stores including Costco across the United States. There are many hearing aid solutions offered by ReSound including both in the canal options and behind the ear options. Depending on which retailer you go to, you will likely be able to work with a hearing professional that can help you choose the correct ReSound hearing aid for your needs. What most people love about ReSound is that although you purchase the hearing aids in a store, you can still go online to receive support and aid directly from the company if you are ever having an issue.

If you are looking for a hearing aid solution to aid you in combating the symptoms of hearing loss, start with over the counter hearing aids. Begin by understanding the needs you have, the features you desire, and the variety of products available to you. Once you have these things, you will be able to choose a product wisely that will meet your needs now and for many years to come.