the confession of a 42-year-old tailor from Texas with hearing loss…

“How I Effortlessly Enhanced My Hearing And Finally Effectively Hear Clear & Precise Sounds!”

Do you know that hearing loss is the third most common physical condition behind arthritis and heart disease, affecting people of all ages? In short, if I should put it by the numbers…

…approximately 48 million Americans (20 percent) report some degree of hearing loss? - According to the Hearing Loss Association of America.”

But somehow, Isabella – a tailor from Texas, seems to have discovered a way to enhance her hearing with a little trick she learnt over the internet. And she was happy to share her secret with us.

“Growing up was more fun,” said Isabella. “But at 19, the whole world started fading way on me when I discovered I had hearing loss.”

I couldn’t help it but cry all day. Especially for a young girl who liked listening to music so much, when I tried to, it’s like listening to a badly tuned radio station.

And I also had to struggle with phones. We both know that Phones are so essential in people’s everyday lives. Simple little things like scheduling for a doctor’s appointment on phone, ordering a pizza or calling a repairman becomes a complete challenge.

These are things I took for granted when I could hear well.

I can remember, at a time, being frustrated because I missed calling my grandmother, who lives out of town. I don’t get to see her very often. And as she is 90 and lives on her own. It used to be extremely upsetting that I can’t check on how she is as often as I’d like too.

However, thank God for technologies, so I had to rely on text/Instant Messaging and emails to communicate and check on her.

See, I also felt ignored when I was in college and university where other students totally avoided me as if my hearing problem was contagious. Some even questioned why I was studying and wondered what I could do if I was employed being with hearing loss.

I’ve always had about hearing aids and how it could help people like me to hear well. But I never gave it a thought basically because I felt it won’t just work for me. And I was afraid I was going to end up wasting money on just another device.

And the heart aching part about all this is the fact that my family spends, on average, $16,000 per year on hospitals, check-ups, drugs, consultations and the likes.

I can also remember a time when my families decided they were going to try the hearing aids. But when they learnt that it could cost them over $5000, most of them had to opt out and could only pray my condition get better.

And as you can easily guess, relating with my customers – as a tailor – was difficult. I’ve lost count on the number of jobs I lost due to my inability to hear well. At a point, I add to rely on someone to attend to my customers and put their orders in writings or patiently, with sign makings explaining what the customers wanted to me.

Look, as far as I was concerned, I thought I didn’t have a life. But I didn’t know it was all going to turn around for me last year.

So, it was last year, my birthday precisely. One of my very close friends got me this hearing aid from…

“…Century Hearing Aids.”

He told me he got it for less than $500 and he’d like me to try it on. He said he was doing this hoping I could hear people sing me the popular birthday song after a long time. Which was glorious by the way.

For what seems like an eternity, I could hear people as clear as a whistle again. I didn’t have to lip-read or watch people’s gesticulation. And I don’t have to be embarrassed by people screaming at me to get their messages across anymore.

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