What comes to mind when you think of happiness?
We usually imagine special memories with our family and friends when we think about happiness. Special times laughing, enjoying each others company, vacations, sunshine, decadent chocolate, and hearing aids.
Let me guess hearing aids hearing aids aren’t one of them. Yes, typically it’s not the first thing that comes to mind however, if you or a loved one suffer from hearing loss, maybe it should be. Many studies have shown the connection between hearing aids and happiness, as well as untreated hearing loss and anxiety.
There are 3 ways treating your hearing loss with hearing aids will make you happier.
1.Better Relationships with Friends and Family:
People with untreated hearing loss have been known to become socially isolated. When you are constantly unable to understand conversations outings with friends and family become frustrating and difficult.
When treated with hearing aids, these concerns are greatly eliminated. There have been numerous studies reporting hearing aids having positive effects on relationships.
2. Work Efficiency
Everyone wants to get paid for his or her work; you want to feel good doing your work knowing it comes with a reward. Did you think hearing aids could play an important role in your work? Studies have shown that hearing aids increase brain function while working. Which as a result improves work efficiency.
It has been proven that people without hearing aids are less competent than their pairs who suffer from mild to severe hearing loss who do wear hearing aids. People with hearing loss sometimes earn less money due to the fact that they do not feel as confident in their work as a result of their hearing loss. When you are comfortable and feel good you do your job better earning a salary you deserve.
3. It will lower your risk of depression:
Study after study has proven a connection between hearing loss and depression. Of course we know of the link between depression and hearing loss however, untreated hearing loss doubles the risk of depression.
Hearing aids can make you happy. Plus, there’s no risk in trying contact Century Hearing Aids.