About Us

Century Hearing Aids sells top quality affordable hearing aids to people with hearing loss. We entered this market because people with hearing loss deserve something better than the status quo. People who are in need of hearing aids are faced with a huge problem; audiologists charging thousands and thousands of dollars for hearing aids--some companies charging $6000--$8000 a pair. We did not see how people could afford to spend thousands of dollars on hearing aids, especially when they are in their retirement years. We are building a business that provides tremendous savings to budget-conscious customers.  Our hearing aids offers the same digital technology and features of a $3000 hearing aid - for 50 to 75% less money.

Here is our goal: We are trying to build a company we’d like to do business with ourselves. Our goal is to create outstanding customer experiences, and be a company that’s personable, respectful, transparent, honest and helpful. Here are some specific goals with customers service...

  • To find reputable quality hearing manufacturers and offer hearing aids to you at affordable prices.

  • Treat every customer as if they were a member of our own family--that means tell the truth all times. if I was selling a hearing aid to my mom--I would say mom, this aid is what you can afford and it will do 95% of what you need--you do not needs anything else.  Or we have a discount for ordering two hearing aids, I would say, Mom, you can try one hearing aid today...come back to us in 30 days and I will sell you the second aid as if you bought two the same day.

  • To be transparent and help manage expectations...for example: what a hearing will do for you, what it will not....or when we will deliver your hearing aids - which is 3 to 5 days via USPS -- or if you return your hearing aids, when you will get your refund - which is usually around 7 to 15 business from when we receive them back here.

  • To be personable, have a little fun, and to provide the best customer service possible--if we screwed up--and it occasionally happens--we are human.--- we will do everything in our power to make it right.

Finally, Century Hearing Aids is a family owned and operated American small business.When you get us on the phone or talk to us on email or chat, you are talking to the owners. That also means if we do not answer the phone, we may be away from the office or on the phone so please leave a message, we will get back to you as soon as we can. You can be assured that you won’t find anyone more passionate helping you find an affordable hearing aid.


Jon Stoddard (Owner)
Jon is the Founder and CEO of Century Hearing Aids. He is married with twins, a girl and a boy. When Jon is not working on the business, he spends his time with his family...usually entertaining or parenting the kids. When Jon does get a few minutes to breath...he's a fan of WWII history, loves going to the movies. Jon was born to a career United States Air Force air plane mechanic and he moved around every two to three years. Jon has lived in Arizona, California, Turkey, Germany, Indiana and full circle back to Arizona. Jon also served in the US Air Force after high school and used the GI VEAP Bill to pay for his engineering degree from Northern Arizona University. After college, Jon spent his career working for a defense contractor in Upstate New York and 3D animation companies in Silicon Valley and Louisiana. Jon moved back to Arizona for a third time to be closer to his family.  Jon started Century Hearing Aids because he has always wanted to start his own business and he wanted to be able to spend more time at home with his family.

As a small business owner, Jon takes great pride in being able to offer quality hearing products at affordable prices and in knowing, as confirmed by customer testimonials, he has helped his customers hear better again--and save money. Jon looks forward to the opportunity to assist you in finding the right product for your hearing needs!


How We Do It: Keep It Small. Keep It Lean.

Low Prices

We comb the web to make sure our hearing aid prices are the best prices anywhere. Compare our hearing aid prices to: Phonak, ReSound, Siemens, Beltone, Miracle-Ear, Unitron, Oticon, Bernafon, Rexton, Starkey, Audibel or Widex. All these brands charge an average of $1500 and up for one hearing aid. Our aids are simply the best digital hearing aids for the money. Our Hearing Aids are made in the USA and are FDA approved. We are proud to help you save money on the products you want and need. If you want to learn more about why we can offer prices that are so much lower than Audiologists, read our FREE BUYERS GUIDE: "The 7 Secrets You Need to Know Before Buying Your Next Hearing Aid"


We maintain a laser-like focus on a specific group of budget-conscious customers with hearing loss.Our customers tell us that too many choices can be overwhelming so we only offer two to three options of hearing aids for each category. Since we do not offer face-to-face service, we are doing everything we can to supply you with the information you need to you to help you make an informed decision about your hearing loss.

Surrounding ourselves with OUTSTANDING Advisers

We are extremely fortunate to be associated with some outstanding professionals who guide us along the way in this entrepreneurial journey. This is a list of my “Official/Un-Official” Advisor list:

Alisha Stoddard - how can I not list my wife who keeps me grounded and humble
Cory Smith - Cory has been an executive or president at 10 companies acquired by larger companies
Jim Palmer - The Dream Business Coach - Newsletter Guru
Davis Miles McGuire Gardner PLLC - unmatched honesty and legal expertise
Viviane Thompson - Vivianne helps with the accounting and focus on the right things-cash flow
Keith Zukas - Mentor/Coach, brings 24 Years and a wealth of Hearing Aid Experience to the team

The Web really does make you super-productive

By leveraging the web, and no-brick and mortar overhead, (yes, we run this out of our home office), Century Hearing Aids is able to offer some of the best hearing aids available through an easily customizable ecommerce website, instant chat, video, surveys, 888 numbers, accounting, outsourcing design and development to sites like odesk, and shipping software tools like stamps.com. All these tools allows us to look like a big professional company but run lean and mean on a small company budget--today, with technology, you can do more with less.

Giving it all we’ve got

We are truly passionate about building great company that offers affordable hearing aids online in an helpful customer service way--by building open and honest relationships with our customers.

Make it Right

We will occasionally make mistakes. We are human. When we do...we will do everything in our power to make it right.

How Do We Give Back?

At Century Hearing Aids, we are committed to serving the common good and giving back to the communities where we do business. That's why Century Hearings Aids donates our low cost hearing aids to the local chapter of Sertoma.Sertoma's Hearing Aid Recycling Program then provides these hearing aids to low-income individuals in the community.


What is Sertoma? Sertoma’s primary focus is on assisting the more than 50 million people with hearing health issues and educating the public on the issues surrounding hearing health. In order to achieve these goals Sertoma has undertaken a multi-faceted approach by launching programs that address both the treatment and prevention aspects of hearing health.

Learn about Seratoma.

Our Century Hearing Aids Money Back Guarantee

I am going to make you a guarantee, If you are not 100% completely satisfied with our hearing aids, you can simply return them for a full refund.  I'll give you 30 days to test them out so you hear better yourself - thats the goal.

Veteran Owned and Support

We are a Veteran Owned business.   We know our freedom is fragile, protected daily around the world by military members who put their lives on the line in service to our great country.  We have a 10% for active duty, Veterans and Retired Personal.  Our intention is to show our appreciation for their service and sacrifice.

We Support the Wounded Warrior Project

Wound Warrior Project helps veterans and their families not only survive, but thrive in life post-injury.    A Portion of Profits generated by hearing aid sales will be donated in support of Wounded Warrior Project’s Independence Program.  Thank You. 

Who are these Hearing Aids For?

I want to say I can help everyone with hearing loss but that is just not true.  I can only help those who are serious about:

  1. Saving Money on Hearing Aids - If you already visited the Audiologist and their bill was $2000 and up!
  2. A burning desire to hear better. You want to hear your family, friends and enjoy those grandkids - or just watch TV without blasting it.
  3. You have mild, moderate to severe hearing loss.
  4. Your Are Comfortable Working with an online hearing aid store.

Who are these Hearing Aids NOT For?

  1. Someone that needs Face to Face Service
  2. Someone with Profound Hearing Loss - Sorry, its just to hard to manage expectations
  3. Children
  4.  If Your Budget is Less than $200

Now What? 

You've read our story..... You've seen our 100% Money Back Guarantee...So here is what I would like you to do now.......We are celebrating our 5th year in business and offering a 10% coupon for all current customers who sign up for our newsletter - (See the 7 Secrets Free Report below)  - as soon as you enter your email and click on the "Get The Free Report" button, you will see a coupon on the very next page.  In the meantime, you can start shopping for hearing aids by scrolling back to the top - or calling me, Jon Stoddard at 888-295-2944.


Century Hearing Aids

Jon Stoddard
CEO and Founder
Century Hearing Aids

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