mike b good product. delivered on time.
Anonymous Customer fast and convienant . good service
James B Excellent, web site response is a little slow though
Sharon R It would be much more helpful if you would allow me to pay with my credit card directly without pay pal. Pay Pal makes it much more complicated for me.
Anonymous Customer Good product and great pricing.
Jeff P Good price easy shopping and pay options
Edward M A little difficult to understand how to order by credit card.
Terry W so far so good! Only had the hearing aids in for a half
Debbie B Great IF I get them on time! :-)
Anonymous Customer so far so good
Sonia R The ordering process was very good and the delivery was very fast.
andrew I purchased this item hoping it fits the Starkey Destiny 400 hearing aid
Garnet S Great product and service One question I wanted to order 2 of the same and it won`t let me change the quantity?
Anonymous Customer OK I feel a little lost as not sure what size tube or tips I need. going to go by trial and error
Old F The online chat person was ill informed. Communication after ordering was extremely poor. No email confirmation after ordering. Contact information was confusing or missing. I got an email saying shipping was to be by USPS. The Same email gave me a FedEx tracking number but it was wrong. I created an account online but it had no record of my order.
Darryl This is a great product and at a very good price.
Brad L Don't know yet. Was away. Pkg. just arrived today.
Arnold P great service
Jim N Excellent.
phyllis c I am really disappointed because I can't wear them they are to small. Really upset because I really need them. Will be sending them back and you can refund it back to my Pay Pal account.
Anonymous Customer Excellent!
Len Great site
Arthur Q Explained what I needed how to replace why straight. Tube would work
shirley M easy and efficient
Rick S Wanted replacement tubes & tips for my Health Innovations (HI) hearing aid. These are the same size as the HI originals and at half the price on the HI website.
michael b Since I met Jon Stoddard online, as I was shopping for hearing aids, I have been extremely pleased with the product, service and respect I've received.
Roy E Easy to use
ted d great service and product
rc g ok
Sandra L Your company is awful.
Anonymous Customer quick and easy
ted n
Conrad T will continue, no end in sight.
Allan J Your order procedure is not very clear, not intuitive, finally got it done.
Daniel K It will be much better next time.
James B somewhat confusing to extend a warranty
Dewayne U so far so good
Mike So far it's fast and simple. Of course i'll wait until delivery to finish my shopping experience.
Evelyn W Very helpful
Gerald F A
luis c awesome website
Deb I do like the pop ups with an actual person you can ask a question too. very helpful
Joe liked the site. it was easy to use I just don't know If I ordered the right size stuff
Patricia P. S The last time I ordered these very same products from you, I received the correct domes. This time, I went onto the website, a reordered my last order. The domes are not the correct domes. I received the white "Power Domes" when I "reordered" the Gray "Power Domes". The Gray domes work SO much better than the whites ones. In a separate email, I am sending you a picture of the Gray domes I am talking about. I would like to trade the white ones for the gray ones.
Gary L I've tried for a week via phone and on line chatters as I try to make an order. The phones always direct me to only "leave a message" and I do with no response. Then 3 on line chatters tell me to hold a second and disappear after a 1-3 minute wait. Your accessories show no silicone sleeves that I have gotten from you 2 times and I need to try them again. I finally was able to order on line today but it took a few attempts to submit my order (I don't want Pay Pal) and I just kept going to list my card number for payment. I hope to order another rosebud aid for the right ear if I can get some direct phone call service from Jon Stoddard about the silicone sleeves. I still need to work out the fit before I make another aid purchase. I am currently using the 2nd spare left aid in my right ear with success.
James B easy access. somewhat confusing on confirming the order, as the only option is paypal even though credit card is offered. it just goes to paypal.
James B Nice web site, clean and easy to use. once I receive product I will have additional thoughts to share if needed.
Donnalee D i have been trying for over a week to get some information on the product I ordered. I took a guess on what I ordered because no one has the courtesy to answer my questions or my e mail. I will continue buying because I have no where else to buy my replacement tube. Once this hearing aid goes out I will not purchase another one from you.
Anonymous Customer Manager replied me after chat session with one of the customer service. Very good. I'll see how it goes after I receive the product. and see how my dad like them. Thank you!
Anonymous Customer Easy. Been using Century hearing aids since 2013. They work and they are inexpensive. Fits my budget. Don't go out of business!
Jim H Just getting ready to us them.
Keith E The Power Domes are reasonably priced, free shipping too, but I would like more sizes than just odd numbered mm sizes and 10 mm.
dave p some iissues with the order. had to enter info severaltimes but, all is well
willard l am older so its hard to navigate the computer and its experence
mike b All is well.
Howard L Too distracting when your customer service reps keep interrupting.
Patricia P S The website was difficult to work with this time. In check out, I couldn't get past the PayPal and use a credit card until I went back and tries three more times.
Joseph P Delivery took exactly 7 days.
Barbara B I am happy to find a dealer for the parts I need.
Deb J website chat very helpful, also gave me a follow up as to which to order--thank you Deb Although I had to wait way too long for my order to arrive.............over 3 weeks.. should of gottem the new tips and tubes alot sooner.......
Patricia S I have recommended Century to a number of my friends.
ted d very easy great customer service
Lyra h Thanks for your great product and service!
Robert L Good efficient shopping setup
Karen B Well, so far its been great, but I just ordered. The real test starts when a customer needs help or has questions that require emergent attention. The site is very helpful. Lots of information, and ordering was very easy. Glad to see they have PayPal. Thank you. -kb
Servando M Thanks for your service
Harry B Had problems with Pay Pal I think they are resolved. I will not find out until I do another order. Took me over an half hour to finally get it through
Anonymous Customer Very easy and efficient. No struggle which is a BIG plus.
Frank H No problems. I rarely recommend anything to anyone.
Bob ok
Tom S One is given a lot of information that should be useful. Delivery time took 39 days and no batteries were included. I have just received the aids so can't tell how satisfied I am with them.
Debbie B These products are the BEST and the service is always topnotch! My brother and I both have these products.
Allan J entered all the information and had to go back and enter ever thing all over.
Dave fast service, detailed items makes it easy to decide what is needed.
Robert B easy to navigate site
kenneth C Nice Experience
Paul C Need to see how the hearing aid performs before giving 5 stars!
RC G Good quality products , I liked the old rosebud hearing aids better ten the new product.
Anonymous Customer Always quick and easy! Thanks!
christine p Jon has been very helpful in picking the right hearing aids for me and is very professional.
Jr H Ok, but took a bit.
Conrad As always Jon thank you.
Anonymous Customer All good, except I couldn't order until I clicked "update order information" which confused me
Alonzo O easy
Lori R I have ordered from this site before and very satisfied!
falguni p good.
Patrick k All good
Pat A This is the 2nd time I have came to Century to get my hearing aid. Jon is always great.
Tom L Nice to have a real person available in chat.
Anonymous Customer had great help
Ronald G Simple to order first time buyer will the side quality at a later date
Patricia S LOVE working from you guys!!!
john m you were very helpfull
rex e easy
tim f good
Eugene D fast
Richard Carl Padgett S I have bought batterys before, and they were great quality . Very fast shipping. thank you.